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Does Alfonso Ribeiro Have A Tattoo? Reasons For The Decision

With Alfonso Ribeiro set to host Season 32 of Dancing with the Stars, many questions have arisen about him, and some remain unanswered. One of these questions is whether Alfonso Ribeiro has a tattoo.

Alfonso Ribeiro is an American actor, comedian, and TV host.

He began his acting career at the age of eight and is most famous for playing Carlton Banks on the NBC sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

Additionally, Ribeiro has hosted several TV shows, including Catch 21 on GSN, Spell-Mageddon on ABC Family, and Dance 360.

Moreover, he won season 19 of Dancing with the Stars with his partner Witney Carson.

Later, he became the co-host alongside Tyra Banks, starting from season 31.

Recently, many fans have been curious about whether Alfonso Ribeiro has a tattoo. They want to know how many tattoos he has, if any. Again, if not, why he hasn’t gotten any?

Let’s find out if he has answered these questions from his fans.

The Reasons Behind Alfonso Ribeiro Tattoo

Alfonso Ribeiro has had a diverse career in television, working both as a host and an actor in various TV shows.

However, when it comes to the question of whether he has any tattoos, it remains unanswered.

In fact, Alfonso Ribeiro has never publicly confirmed having a tattoo, nor has he denied it. So, the mystery surrounding whether he has tattoos or not continues to baffle fans.

Alfonso Ribeiro has no tattoo in suit
Alfonso Ribeiro hasn’t confirmed having a tattoo (Source: Instagram)

It’s quite possible that he doesn’t have any tattoos, and this could be a personal choice. Some individuals prefer not to have tattoos, and Alfonso might be one of them.

The question about his tattoos likely came up because of his role as Carlton Banks, which made him quite popular.

People still love to bust out the Carlton Dance and groove to it, even after all these years.

In one scene of the show, he considers getting a tattoo, which might have sparked curiosity among fans.

Nonetheless, the answer to whether Alfonso Ribeiro has a tattoo or not remains unknown.

Alfonso Ribeiro Is Known For Carlton Dance And DWTS

The Carlton Dance is one of the most iconic dances in pop culture. It originated from the highly successful TV show of the ’90s, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

Moreover, the dance came into existence when the script said Carlton dances.

However, it is said that it wasn’t even meant to be funny; it was just Carlton dancing.

Surprisingly, even after all these years, people still love to bust out the Carlton Dance and groove to it.

Alfonso in season 32 of DWTS
Alfonso Ribeiro host in season 32 of DWTS (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, Alfonso Ribeiro won Season 19 of Dancing with the Stars on November 25, 2014, with his dance partner, Witney Carson, by performing in the same style.

Following this victory, he became a co-host alongside Tyra Banks in Season 31.

Now, for Season 32, he will be co-hosting with Julianne Hough, and the show will premiere on ABC and Disney+ on September 26.

Details About Alfonso Ribeiro’s Family

Alfonso Ribeiro is sharing insights about his family life.

He and his wife, Angela Ribeiro, have been happily married for over a decade. Further, the couple is blessed with a family of three.

However, in total, Alfonso Ribeiro is a father of four children.

They have two sons, Alfonso Jr., who is 9 years old, and Anders, who is 8 years old. Likewise, they have a lovely daughter named Ava, who is 4 years old.

Alfonso Family
Alfonso is a father of four (Source: Instagram)

Before marrying Angela, Alfonso had previously wed Robin Stapler from January 2002 until August 2006.

Additionally, they have a daughter, Sienna, who was born in October 2002 and is 20 years old.

He frequently shares updates about his family on his Instagram account, where he has over a million followers.

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