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Lunden And Olivia Racist Tweets: What Were They? Old Tweet Controversy

Social media has made it possible for normal people to get large numbers of fans and insane popularity. But with fame comes controversy as Lunden and Olivia old racist tweets are resurfacing online, leaving the fans in shock.

A person with a smartphone and the internet can simply become famous by creating content that the viewers can enjoy.

Lunden Stallings and Olivia Bennett are one of those influencers.

Many people started watching them for the demonstration of their cute relationship.

And how they go through most of the days being so happy and in love.

But recently, Lunden and Olivia have gotten into big trouble; their actions from their past have come to bite them.

The old racist tweets of Lunden were released just after her marriage ceremony with Olivia.

Racist Tweets Of Lunden and Olivia Resurfaced Online

Before diving into the controversy, let’s explore a brief detail about the famous lesbian couple.

Lunden Stallings and Olivia Bennett are a newlywed couple.

They introduced themselves through their channel ‘Lunden and Olivia’ in 2020.

Lendon and Olivia stairs
Lendon and Olivia should never have written those tweets. (Source: Instagram)

They initially started by sharing their love story with the world.

The videos started getting popular after they became more consistent with sharing every detail of their life with viewers.

Everything was covered in their videos, from heartwarming moments to their daily struggle. So, the audience really started to connect with the couple.

Their channel was growing insanely, which led them to be able to make their living only by the income made from the channel.

Now, let’s talk about what got them into trouble.

It’s obvious for any influencer to know they should be extremely careful about their image online to maintain the same fan following for a long time.

However, Lunden and Olivia were unaware of this when they were not as popular as they are now.

Lunden and olivia hug eachother
The couple may find it hard to come out of this controversy. (Source: Instagram)

Many of Lunden and Olivia racist tweets have been resurfacing on the internet for a while now.

The tweets have been able to change the perceptions of their fans towards them.

People were in shock when they initially read the tweets as they had offensive language and were especially derogatory towards the black community.

Many black followers of the couple felt hurt and extremely sad.

Some of those tweets read, “Man, Chris Bosh is one ugly n**ga,” “me and fake n**gas we don’t get along,” “We in the building, you n**gas in apartments,” “ratchet n**ga she at it.”

Not only the black community, but the tweets were also targeted towards the Jewish people.

The couple strongly denied the existence of the Holocaust in their tweets.

Netizens Want Accountability & Apology From Lunden And Olivia

After the revelation of those tweets, people are asking for accountability and an apology from the couple.

People are demanding an apology and accountability for the couple’s actions.

Some people were giving them the benefit of the doubt as they were extremely young when they wrote those tweets.

Lunden and Olvia Holiday
Olivia should also come forward with a proper apology, according to fans. (Source: Instagram)

As the criticism grew, Lunden came forward with an apology for their racist tweets on behalf of Olivia as well.

She says that she is extremely sorry for the ignorance she showed in the past and wants to become a better person with personal growth.

She also wrote that she believes in learning from her mistakes and will never repeat them.

While London’s apology receives positive and negative feedback, partner Olivia’s silence fuels the fire.

People do not think that Olivia’s silence is making the situation any better.

It’s possible for Lunden and Olivia to lose many fans because of their racist tweets.

Unless and until they prove the statement about being sorry and wanting to be better people.

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