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Is Linda Evangelista Gay? Sexuality And Dating History Of The Model

There’s a rumor that Linda Evangelista might be gay, but is that the truth? Find that out further down the article.

Linda Evangelista, born on May 10, 1965, is a well-renowned Canadian fashion model.

She is considered one of the most accomplished and influential models ever and featured on over 700 magazine covers.

The Canadian model was a muse for fashion luminaries, including Versace and Lagerfeld,  making her net worth nearly $40 million.

Despite her achievements in professional life, it’s tragic that she has been diagnosed with breast cancer twice in the past five years.

She also suffered from a very abusive relationship with her ex-husband.

However, these traumas didn’t stop her from returning to her professional life. She appeared on the front of Vogue’s September issue in 2022.

With this incredible comeback, her fans want to know about the personal life of Linda Evangelista, specifically her dating history and speculations about her being gay.

Is Linda Evangelista Gay? Let’s Talk About Her Sexuality

No, the supermodel, Linda Evangelista, is not gay, and the rumors regarding her sexuality are untrue.

Every celebrity has been called gay at some point. We can come across gay rumors about Linda Evangelista as well.

Since there’s not much information about her being gay, it leaves much room for speculation.

There is no record of her dating a woman before, which makes it clear that she appears to be a straight female with straight sexual preferences.

A black and white image of Linda Evangelista. She is wearing a long jacket and black boots.
Canadian model Linda Evangelista has millions of fans around the world. (Source: Instagram)

The model herself hasn’t addressed the rumor. So, it has little support or backing.

However, all fans and media should consider that this rumor can harm her reputation and well-being.

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Has Linda Evangelista Ever Dated A Guy? Dating History

The relationship status of Linda Evangelista is single right now. However, her dating history is fascinating.

Evangelista dated and married Gerald Marie, a French modeling agency boss, at the very young age of 22.

However, after six long years of marital life, they decided to part ways.

After the divorce from her ex-husband Marie, she started dating one the most charming actors in Hollywood, Kyle MacLachlan.

Fans called them a power couple, considering their success and popularity in the entertainment industry.

Image of Linda where she is giving a bold look. She is wearing a black outfit with black shoes.
People are speculating Linda Evangelina is gay. But the rumors might not be accurate. (Source: Instagram )

Surprisingly, the couple remained engaged but never married, eventually ending their relationship.

Furthermore, she started dating Fabien Barthez, a famous French racing driver and former professional soccer player.

Even though their relationship was unstable, they were about to have a baby together.

Unfortunately, Linda had to go through the difficult phase of the miscarriage, and the couple split up in a few years.

Additionally, after a few years, the model started dating a wealthy man, Francois-Henri Pinault, the CEO of various renowned companies.

Photo of Linda with an attractive outfit full of flowers and a hat. She has a wide smile in her face.
The supermodel Linda Evangelista has made her appear in vogue many times. (Source: Instagram)

However, the pair split after a few months of dating.

Furthermore, the most recent date was Peter Morton, a multi-millionaire restauranteur, but they separated after seven years of dating.

The dating history of Linda Evangelista might be the reason behind people speculating she is gay.

However, it’s her choice to date someone or remain single.

Therefore, her followers should show her some respect and stop spreading baseless rumors.

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