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Ahsoka Finale Leaks: Sabine Dies Erza Gets Captured? Find Out

While fans are patiently awaiting the season finale of Star Wars: Ahsoka, some ongoing leaks and spoilers suggest the ending of the show.

Ahsoka’s last episode of this season is airing on October 3rd, 2023, and the anticipation about how it will end is real.

Various leaks and spoilers are circulating online, further fueling anticipation for the show.

Among many storylines in the show, one that is making the fans very curious is the defeat of Grand Admiral Thrawn.

Admiral Thrawn’s Fate in the New Galaxy: Ahsoka Finale Leaks

As Admiral Thrawn, the famous antagonist of the show, has been thrown into a new galaxy, fans want to see how his story continues in the show’s finale.

They are eager to see whether Ahsoka, Huyang, Sabine, and Ezra will successfully escape the galaxy.

Ashoka finale
Ahsoka has raised curiosity, and fans cannot stop speculating.

One of the major Ahsoka finale leaks is the epic confrontation between Ahsoka, Ezra, Sabine, and Grand Admiral Thrawn.

The battle will be the most talked-about television event when it airs.

Also, the future and motives of the characters Darzi Balance Call and Shin Hati are unknown.

In Episode 7, fans were excited to see Balance Call get the hint of an ancient power on the planet Peridia.

Now the question is, what is the power, and how will Bailan use it?

Ahsoka Finale Leaks
The characters of Ahsoka are undeniably very interesting.

According to the Ahsoka finale leaks, there will also be emotional confrontations.

It will be interesting to see how the emotional conflicts end between Ahsoka, Sabine, and Ezra.

One of the exciting Ahsoka finale leaks is that there will be surprise cameos from the beloved New Republic-era heroes in episode 8 of Ahsoka.

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Runtime Speculations & Fan Theories for Ahsoka’s Finale Episode 8

The finale of Ahsoka has an airtime of 42 to 43 minutes, which is one or 2 minutes longer than its usual episodes.

The show’s makers were fighting for a little bit longer runtime, but they couldn’t get it.

Fans are also discussing the show’s runtime; they do not think it is possible to sum up everything.

The fans of the famous hit show Ahsoka also have a lot of speculations about the finale of this show.

Ashoka character
The fans still demand a longer runtime for the show.

The promo of episode 8 has made the speculations more interesting to read.

One of them is that Anakin Skywalker can be shown as a Force Ghost as he will continue to influence Ahsoka’s journey with his powers.

Another speculation is that Ahsoka’s very special old friend, Morai, will appear in the finale.

They also add that it is possible for Ahsoka or Sabine to never be able to get out of the current galaxy, while Ezra will return to the galaxy.

However, Sabine is shown at the death door while Erza is captured.

They think that Shin may come back and join Ahsoka’s team. Further, Leia Organa can make an appearance, according to the fans.

Many also believe that Ahsoka and Shin may sound unusual together, but they can form a team at the end of the season.

While Ahsoka will be holding off Thrawn’s army to help Ezra and Sabine skip the galaxy.

Let us wait and watch how many of these fan theories come true.

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