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Is Fyodor Dead BSD? Latest SPOILERS Season 5 Episode 11

The latest episode of Bungo Stary Dogs has left fans amazed and confused. They can’t wait for another episode to be released and confirm whether Fyodor is dead in BSD.

In the episode, Fyodor Dostoevsky, a major villain, finally gets out of jail.

After getting released from jail, he immediately crosses paths with Nikolai Gogol, who gives him the medicine.

Here, we can get a hint that Fyodor’s release could have some motive, and Nikolai could have tried to poison him or make him sick.

After the meeting, Fyodor decides to get into a  helicopter, leaving the audience puzzled about why he is doing it.

Bungo Stray Dogs Season 5 Episode 11: Is Fyodor Dead BSD?

Fyodor reveals a major secret inside the helicopter: he has got some vampire allies under Bram’s control.

But he did not know one of the vampires would stab him, and it did.

Fyodor should not have trusted the vampires, but he did. (Source: Youtube)

It hasn’t been revealed why the vampire stabbed him, but the betrayal left fans shocked.

Dazai, an old friend of Fyodor, comes back into action with Chuuya.

They confront Fyodor and try to take control of the helicopter from his vampire allies.

But this leads to the helicopter to crash into a building, which results in Fyodor’s death.

That said, fans think that Fyodor, an interesting and important character in the show, has to return and hasn’t been dead yet.

They have various theories to prove that Fyodor is not dead in BSD.

One of the fans writes that, while Fyodor was dying, he said the phrase,

“Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani?” Which translates to “My God, My God, Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me?”

Fyodor helicopter
Fyodor did not see Dazai and Chuyya’s plan coming. (Source: Youtube)

This was the exact phrase that Jesus said while he was dying. But shortly after some time, Jesus came back to life.

Does this suggest that it could be the same for Fyodor as well?

Supporting this theory, another fan also suggests that Fyodor did have wounds on his hands and abdomen, similar to Jesus.

Many do not believe that Fyodor could be dead, and they think he could have had backup plans even for his death.

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Fans Suspicious of Fyodor’s Easy Exit: Speculations on His Return

Fyodor has shown himself to be very smart and always has been able to overcome any circumstances.

Fyodor death being this easy somehow makes it a little suspicious.

Fans suggest that he might come back into the story somehow.

Is Fyodor dead Bsd
Fyodor is actually too smart to be dead so easily. (source: Youtube)

Sadly, the anime is now up to date with the manga, so we must wait and see.

Another reason why Fyodor may come back is because there are many plots concerning him that cannot be left without resolving them.

We are yet to know about his backstory and his abilities. There are too many mysteries surrounding him, like, what information did Sigma get?

And who is the man that he mentioned, someone who gave him a hard time before Dazai,

There is definitely a long story behind this, and there has to be. We will have to wait and see how the story unfolds.

But for now, yes, it looks like Fyodor is dead in BSD.

He might or might not come back, but we know that BSD makers have never failed to amaze the fans.

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  1. I don’t think Fyodor is dead.. one of my theories is: what if he broke off his arm on purpose to pretend to be dead? but then he managed to escape..


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