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Shidou Scores! Blue Lock Chapter 252 Leaks, Spoiler

Fans of Blue Lock cannot wait to see how their favorite players manage to win for their team; the spoilers of chapter 252 suggest that Shidou may score a goal against Germany. Let’s explore.

Blue Lock is a famous manga series that has released 251 chapters up until now.

Fans of the manga love the unique plot and have their favorites in the series.

In chapter 251, we see Rin attacking Nanase as he is about to score a goal.

Rin and Kaiser try to stop Nanase, and Rin manages to place a shot after bypassing the defense.

However, his shot gets missed as Hiori can block it successfully.

Now, fans are eager to know how the match continues progressing. They desperately wait for chapter 252 of Blue Lock.

Blue Lock Chapter 252 Spoilers: ‘Best Performance’ Unfolds With Shocking Plays

According to the leaked spoilers, chapter 252 of Blue Lock is titled ‘best performance.’

It begins with the scene from the end of the last chapter where Hiyori manages to block the shot by Rin.

Blue Lock chapter 252
Interestingly, all players from each team have their unique abilities in the manga. (Source: Twitter)

As he blocks the ball with his kick, it bounces up in the air; seeing this, Hiyori appears to be very proud of himself.

He now had to get the ball to himself, but Tabito Karasu caught it mid-air instead of him.

Yoichi sees it and feels that Tabito Karasu will finally reach the goal. He uses his meta vision to keep an eye on the gold post.

However, his intuition is wrong, and Tabito Karasu passes the ball to Charles.

Charles, whom no one believed in since the beginning of the match, manages to play a first-touch long pass.

Blue Lock Chapter 252 Leaks
Blue Lock fans love the game’s intensity as it is very unpredictable. (Source: Twitter)

The long pass shockingly passes through multiple Bastard Munchen players.

Rin is surprised as the ball was not supposed to be passed at him. It was meant to go to you, Shidou.

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Shidou Scores A Goal: Shocking Events As Paris X Gen Takes The Lead Against Bastard Munchen

Despite not getting the ball initially, Shidou reaches it in time using a diving header.

Finally, he can score a super goal against Bastard Munchen.

Seeing this, Isagi is shocked as his meta-vision could not predict the play or the chemistry between Charles and Shidou.

According to the spoilers, in chapter 252 of Blue Lock, Paris X Gen will be taking the lead against Bastard Munchen.

Fans assumed the first goal would take much time, but they were wrong.

Shidou Scores Against Germany
Shidou has once again made his fans proud with his incredible skills. (Source: Twitter)

What’s very interesting is that Charles had not received the ball before his attack sequence.

But he still manages to play with such extraordinary skill.

While some believe that the leaks of Blue Lock chapter 252 appear true, others want to wait for its official release.

Shidou scoring for Germany is not what many expected to happen.

But the surprises make the Blue Lock manga a hit among its contemporaries.

Blue Lock has greatly impacted the manga world; fans often view the characters as real players.

This is why the tension and intensity between fans increase as the manga progresses.

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