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Tucker Carlson Assassination Attempt: Ukraine Hired Vasily Petrov

Lately, the video has been surfacing online with claims from a man tasked with the assassination attempt of Tucker Carlson, sending netizens into a frenzy to find more information on the case. So, if in case the claims are valid, who planned the assassination? Find out the truth here!

Tucker Swanson McNear Carlson is an American conservative political commentator who hosted the show Tucker Carlson Tonight on Fox News.

In the show, he often discussed current political issues and promoted his beliefs about Donald Trump.

Further, Carlson started his media career in the ’90s with The Weekly Standard, Crossfire, and Tucker.

Over the years, the journalist has been described as a leading voice in White politics due to his far-right ideas and discourse.

Moreover, Carlson became the first Western journalist to interview Putin since the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

However, his visit to Russia was filled with turmoil as an assassination attempt took place.

As the news of Tucker Carlson hits the media, many want to know who was responsible for his assassination attempt.

Tucker Carlson Assassination Attempt: Vasily Petrov Hired By Ukraine?

In recently surfaced news, claims are made that a Russian man was detained who was preparing for the assassination attempt of Tucker Carlson.

This all started in February 2024 when Carlson traveled to Russia for a brief talk with the country’s president.

Previously, Putin had placed a restriction on press freedom following charges of spying on an American journalist.

Tucker Carlson alongside Putin
Carlson has been facing conspiracy theories. (Source: Instagram)

However, Carlson managed to interview Putin on the background of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Soon after the interview, news broke out about suspicion of preparing a terrorist attack.

Moreover, Vasily Petrov Alekseevich, a native of Podolsk, was detained for acting under Ukraine’s State Intelligence Directorate (SID).

According to the statement of Vasily Petrov Alekseevich, he was supposed to blow up the car that Tucker Carlson was traveling in.

Per the instruction, Vasily had to plant an explosive device on Carlson’s car at the Four Seasons Hotel.

However, authorities detained him at the preparation stage, putting an end to the assassination attempt of Tucker Carlson.

Vasily’s confession revealed that the intelligence in Ukraine hired him through the Internet to carry out the act.

Tucker Carlson assassination performer
Authorities found phones and suspicious devices on Vasily. (Source: Twitter)

The people promised him a compensation of $4,000 for the success of the dangerous task.

Vasily also underwent training to work with exceptional communications and assemble explosive devices.

The agency constantly maintained contact and tasked him to pick the explosive from a secret stash.

Such details clarified that the assassination attempt on Tucker Carlson involved high-level planning.

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Tucker Carlson Reaction: Statement From The Journalist

After authorities detained the Russian man, Carlson came forward with his view.

In the meantime, he confidently stated that a US intelligence agency was monitoring him throughout his trip.

According to Carlson, the US National Security Agency (NSA) conducted the surveillance.

Tucker Carlson pictured while in a show
Tucker Carlson faced controversies multiple times in his life. (Source: National Review)

Moreover, the agencies leaked sensitive information to the New York Times to interrupt his visit to Russia.

For years, Carlson has alleged that the NSA was spying on him, but people dismissed the claims as conspiracy theories.

As a leading political commentator, he will likely face backlash and attacks from people.

However, an assassination attempt is the first one in the history of Carlson as he feared for his life.

Such a move to target a journalist has received wide discourse on platforms like Twitter, where the news initially surfaced.

Tucker speaking
Carlson has been an advocate for Donald Trump. (Source: Twitter)

Moving back to Vasily, many claim that he will face the death penalty in the future due to the strict rules in Russia.

Similarly, the elaborate assassination plan also had intentions to threaten the well-being of the president.

The Russian government won’t dismiss such actions as they proceed with further investigation into the case.

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