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Is Josh Denzel, Jack Fowler Brother? Details Here

Recently, there has been speculation surrounding Jack Fowler being the brother of Josh Denzel due to their close bond and supportive dynamic on Love Island. So, what’s the truth? Are they a brother by blood?

Jack Fowler is a reality TV celebrity from the United Kingdom and was once a semi-pro soccer player.

He became famous after he appeared as a contestant in Love Island UK’s 2018 season.

Thanks to his cast, Jack now has around 1.1 million followers on Instagram and is already a brand influencer.

Meanwhile, Josh Denzel is among the most renowned internet influencers. Like Jack, he also gained recognition after being placed third on reality show Love Island in 2018.

Love Island opened up new opportunities for Denzel, working with heavyweights like BBC Sport and Sky Sports.

Belonging to the same reality show, the two share a close relationship. As a result, there has been a rumor regarding Jack Fowler as Josh Denzel’s brother. 

Is Josh Denzel Jack Fowler Brother? Details

Since Jack Fowler often mentioned Josh Denzel as his brother, there has been speculation that the two are brothers.

But, unusual to some gossip, Josh Denzel is not the brother of Jack Fowler.

It’s just that both Josh and Jack were a part of the fourth season of Love Island, and through the program, they came close.

Jack Fowler entered the villa on Day 26 and was dumped from the island on Day 53.

Jack Fowler and Josh Denzel
Jack Fowler is 28 years old, and Josh Denzel is 32 as of 2024. (Source: Twitter)

Even though they come from various backgrounds, Denzel and Fowler formed a tight relationship while on Love Island.

Since then, Denzel and Fowler have been friends and even helped each other’s ventures.

Denzel, for example, protested for Fowler when Fowler told him about the racism he had faced.

Fowler brought out how racism has affected his football career and life.

Due to this reason, people must have linked them, but despite the speculation, Jack Fowler has confirmed that Josh is not his brother.

In the first place, in reality, Josh Denzel and Jack Fowler are initially from very unlikely surroundings.

Their friendship likely gave the outer world the wrong idea, but the two celebrities clarified that they are definitely unrelated.

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Love Island Journey Of Josh Denzel and Jack Flower 

Josh Denzel and Jack Fowler appeared as contestants in the UK Love Island series.

In Josh’s case, he entered the villa on the 8th day of season 4; first, he chose Georgia Steel as his partner.

Meanwhile, the two developed a more profound bond following Casa Amor’s recoupling with Kaz Crossley.

Jack Fowler and Josh Denzel pictured with their partners.
Josh and Jack received fame, romance, and chances thanks to the show Love Island. (source: dailymail)

They reached the finals together but then parted ways in January 2019.

After that, Josh continued his work as a sports presenter and met with model Ruby Wong.

Meanwhile, Jack Fowler showed up in the villa on day 26 of season 4. At first, he came together with Laura Anderson and then ended up dating Laura Crane.

It was a short-term romance, and they ended their relationship soon after leaving the villa.

Post the show, Jack’s influence has grown tremendously through his involvement in DJing, gaming, and brand deals.

He also competed in and won Love Island: The 2018 Christmas Reunion alongside partner Justine Made Ndiba. The two are still together no matter the long distance they have. 

Looking at this, it’s certain that Jack and Josh’s journeys have been different.

But they still demonstrated how to use the show as a place to succeed if utilized correctly after filming wrapped.

The continuation of their fame resulted from the strong relationships they formed with fans while the show was still on.

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