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What Happens To Paul Atreides: Does He Become Evil? Dune Two

After the release of the 2024 film adaptation of Dune: Part Two, people are seeking more interest in the character of Paul Atreides to know what really happens to him.

A sci-fi series that has been alluring to readers as well as movie junkies from various eras is the epic story of The Dune Universe, created by Frank Herbert.

The central character of this epic story, Paul Atreides, is played by Timothée Chalamet, whose personality is complex.

He was designed to be a warrior, religious person, and all-around honorable man.

He transitions from one character to another at different stages throughout the book series.

As it progresses and unfolds before our eyes, Paul Atreides’s conduct and motives grow more complicated.

Thus, people are curious about what happens to Paul Atreides as he transitions from one character to another.

What Happens To Paul Atreides: Does He Become Evil? Dune Series!

As many people want to know what happens to Paul Atreides, we have prepared the following article.

So, let us delve into the following article to know what happens to Paul Atreides in the Dune series.

Frank Herbert’s writing has many subtle details that make its character arcs exceptional, which is evident in Paul Atreides’ character arc.

Though initially viewed as a hero, his actions gradually became darker shades.

In Dune and Dune Messiah, the hero has a different personality.

It includes qualities such as warrior, mystic, ogre, saint, fox, innocent, chivalrous, and truthless.

However, the novel develops into another series, like Children of Dune, which shows Paul’s character’s amazing transformation.

Paul Atreides
In the 1984 adaptation of Dune, Kyle MacLachlan played the role of Paul Atreides. (Source: Twitter)

Instead of being heroic, he questions his place within the universe while becoming more politically astute.

The line between heroism and villainy becomes increasingly blurred as Paul’s deeds and motivations grow more complicated.

However, Paul’s life is capable of influencing others greatly.

He also bears the burden even when dealing with situations that are difficult to say, whether they are right or wrong.

Thus, throughout this novel, we observe how Paul changes from an earlier model of a hero to someone mature enough to reflect on himself.

On the other hand, it tested the limits between strength and destiny’s edges for him concerning his decisions.

Others consider Paul Atreides a villain, while some a duty-bound person to improve the utilities of the universe.

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Dune 2 Makes It Clear That Paul Atreides Is Not A Hero

In the highly anticipated Dune: Part Two, Paul Atreides’ character evolves his notion of heroism contrary to the traditional understanding.

Firstly, Paul’s character is seen as a hero with various good qualities.

However, his character becomes more morally ambiguous. Thus, it is difficult to distinguish the line between good and evil.

The movie reveals that Paul is a tragic figure with whom he should be regarded as neither a hero nor a villain.

This portrayal adds layers to his role in the Dune universe, which shows the intricacies of his journey.

Paul uses manipulation and cunning as weapons and may hurt others to succeed.

Paul Atreides
Timothée Chalamet played the role of Paul Atreides in the 2021 and 2024 film adaptations of Dune. (Source: Twitter)

This demonstrated his willingness to use any means to maintain his position and rule over the galaxy.

Furthermore, Paul resorts to ruthless tactics, violence, and murder to achieve his goals.

Moreover, Paul has moral uncertainty as the actions are not always right or wrong.

Likewise, he is willing to carry the weight of his decisions, even when they possibly make him appear villainous.

In this way, imagining Paul Atreides’s complexities and the outcomes of his actions makes the character more intricate.

Unlike a definite hero, we can see Paul as a character with morally dubious traits.

On the other hand, he rejects easy classifications and represents the luminosity and darkness of the Dune universe.

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