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Are The Island Boys Gay? Flyysoulja & Kodiyakredd Sexuality, Gender

After the Island Boys shared a TikTok video featuring them kissing, speculation about them being gay emerged. Let’s verify if the video is authentic or edited by internet users.

Flyysoulja (Alex) and Kodiyakredd (Franky Venegas) are the guys behind Island Boys, a trending twins on the internet.

Born on July 16, 2001, in Coral Springs, Florida, these twin brothers have taken social media by storm with their unique physical appearance, hip-hop records, and catchy tunes.

Their rise to stardom began when their track, “I’m an Island Boy,” went viral on TikTok because of its infectious beats and words that people still remember.

Coming from humble backgrounds, as teenagers, they were locked up when both realized they had a passion for music; hence, they decided to become rappers.

Their original “I’m an Island Boy” video achieved an amazing record of 9 million views before its deletion.

But they returned stronger with a fully produced version containing a music video for the song.

Amidst controversies and challenges, there has been recent speculation about whether or not the Island Boys are gay.

Let us look at this critically so that we can ascertain its authenticity.

Are The Island Boys Gay? Rumors After Viral Video

Whether Island boys are gay or not has been a controversial issue

The comments have left many unanswered questions in the minds of their fans and members of the public through mixed signals from their actions and comments.

They posted a video online in June or July 2023.

It showed them kissing each other, which made many start asking questions about the Island Boys being gay.

Some fans and followers expressed rage over the trending video.

Island Boys kissing
The twins nevertheless insisted they were heterosexual in an interview with TMZ in regards to the sensitive video. (source: Unilad)

They consider their weird acts online, like the kissing videos, to be another way of calling attention to their OnlyFans account.

To get people talking about them, Flyysoulja justified his behavior by saying the clip was all about fame.

Flyysoulja later came out as gay on July 31, 2023, despite claiming otherwise earlier on in a tweet.

He retorted, claiming that he likes men and identifies himself as a “top.”

In gay male relationships, such preferences are referred to as sexual positions during the act of lovemaking between men.

“I’m a top, I’m never a bottom. I’m a top you feel me? For real,” said Flyysoulja tweeted.

You gotta support me because you feel me: I like men, which is what it is.”

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Flyysoulja & Kodiyakredd Sexuality And Gender

Flyysoulja has openly embraced being gay on public platforms.

However, his fraternal twin brother Kodiyakredd’s sexual orientation is still unknown.

Reports suggest that in mid-2022, Kodiyakredd was in a romantic relationship with Amina.

According to Amina, who is also a renowned social media influencer, her boyfriend Franky Venegas (Kodiyakredd) abused her.

Charges of domestic violence and scrutiny blighted their relationship.

Franky “Kodiyakredd” ex-girlfriend.
After their breakup, Kodiyakredd’s ex-girlfriend, Amina, removed a tattoo of his face from her neck. (Source: TMZ)

Reportedly, during an incident, Kodiyakredd slapped and pushed Amina into a pool.

It received heavy media attention and raised questions about their relationship dynamics.

They categorically state that they are not in any romantic relationship with each other.

Meanwhile, Flyysoulja’s openness regarding his sexuality has shed some light on LGBTQ+ representation in entertainment.

While a faction of fans have hailed his genuineness, others have condemned their attention-seeking antics.

On the other hand, details regarding Kodiyakredd and Amina’s relationship suggest a tumultuous affair full of allegations of abuse between them.

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