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Michael Montgomery Sr Obituary: Adam Dad death at Harmony trial

The surprising demise of Michael Montgomery during the trial of his son, Adam Montgomery, who is accused of killing his daughter, has resulted in an increased search for his obituary.

Michael Montgomery is the father of Adam Montgomery, who is in the limelight for the accusation of killing his 5-year-old daughter.

In the meantime, online users are closely following this disturbing case where a father is accused of killing his daughter.

While the trial is ongoing, death news about Adam’s father, Michael Montgomery, reached to the police.

This has shocked many people, prompting them to search for details about Adam’s father.

As the details are still emerging, a few things have already come to the reports to enlist in the obituary of Michael Montgomery.

Michael Montgomery Sr Obituary: Details About Adam’s Father’s Life

While not much information is available regarding Adam and his family, we have compiled reports that can be included in the obituary of Michael Montgomery.

According to some sources, Michael was a troubled teenager and became a father to Adam when he was only 16 years old.

Nevertheless, authorities revealed that Adam was initially slated for adoption. Despite Michael’s youth, he managed to secure custody.

Adam Montgomery in court
Before the disposal, Adam hid Harmony’s remains in a ceiling vent and workplace freezer. (Source: Twitter)

So, Michael raised his son Adam with the help of his mom and his late father.

When Adam was just 5 years old, authorities charged Michael with robbing a McDonald’s restaurant.

For this, he pleaded guilty and received a sentence of six to nine years in prison.

Moreover, in court documents, Michael admitted that he committed the robbery out of desperation to secure more heroin.

He further wrote in a court filing,

“To this day I regret having fallen into this drug addict lifestyle, which, I know now, could have only ended in harm to myself, my family, and the community in general,” 

Michael Montgomery son Adam Montgomery
Authorities have not yet found Harmony’s remains. (Source: Twitter)

Moreover, Michael regained Adam’s custody at 14 after his prison term. But, sad to tell, seeing him involved in criminal activities, his son Adam was already following his path.

Recently, while Adam was on ongoing trial for murder charges, Michael bid farewell to the world.

Nevertheless, he couldn’t guide his son on the right path, but he still supported them despite being a teenage dad.

Therefore, we can use these details to craft an obituary in memory of Michael Montgomery.

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Why Did Adam Hate His Daughter Harmony? Details Revealed

While the case is already 5 years old, the recent updates continue to disturb people.

An acquaintance of Adam Montgomery disclosed the reason behind his alleged hatred for his five-year-old daughter Harmony.

Harmony Montgomery
People share Michael Montgomery’s obituary on various social media. (Source: Twitter)

Rebecca Maines testified in court that she met Montgomery in 2021. Describing him as her best friend, she mentioned they traveled extensively before his late 2022 arrest.

Further, she shares a moment when Adam shared with her that he harbored a strong dislike for Harmony.

She states,

“He said he hated her, right to his core, It reminded him of her mother.”

The shocking statement prompts people to share their opinions on the case through social media, urging that the accused should receive suitable punishment.

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