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How Many Tattoo Does King Harris Has? Design & Meaning

As a rising young American rapper, people have become curious about the inked body of King Harris and want to understand the meaning behind each tattoo. So, how many tattoos does he have? Let’s get into the details.

King C’Andre Harris, also known as Kid Saiyan, is a young American rapper and social media personality.

He is also well-known as the son of renowned rappers T.I. and Tameka Tiny Harris.

Coming from a family of rappers, he possesses musical talent and took time to embrace it before pursuing a rap career.

New to the music industry, some of his songs include Shorty, New King Of The South, and many more.

With the rise of his popularity, the attention towards the physical appearance of the rapper has increased.

As a result, fans actively seek insights about King Harris tattoo and the stories behind each work of art.

How Many Tattoos Does King Harris Have? Design And Meaning

King Harris flaunts numerous tattoos on his body, sparking curiosity among fans about their significance.

Among many of his inks, the tattoos on his arm are primarily visible as they include several designs.

However, limited information prevents specifying the precise count of tattoos adorning his body.

King Harris tattoo on arms
King Harris possesses an estimated net worth of $1 million. (Source: Instagram)

And, of course, King Harris tattoo hold deep personal meaning and self-endurance.

Moreover, he has a tattoo of his mother’s name, Tameka, on his arm, symbolizing his deep love for her.

In addition, King Harris has a Playboy tattoo on his neck, a wild beast, a Chinese character, and some angel numbers behind his ears.

However, the Chinese character on his arm holds the meaning of Prince.

In addition, 222 signifies progress, and 444 represents a powerful message of love and guidance from angels.

King Harris tattoo with his mothers name.
King Harris faced much criticism after revealing a tattoo featuring his mother’s name. (Source: Instagram)

Furthermore, he has not publicly discussed the meaning of his tattoos, except for the one featuring his mother’s name.

So, after looking at his various tattoos, it is confirmed that King Harris is fond of tattoo.

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A Sneak Peak On King’s Family And Music Journey

Renowned rapper King Harris was born on August 25, 2004; as of 2024, he is 19.

He is the third child among the three children of Clifford Joseph Harris Jr. and Tameka Tiny Harris.

As a child, King debuted in the public eye, featuring on his parents’ VH1 reality show, T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle.

King Harris inside the car posing.
King Harris does not have a dedicated Wikipedia page despite his rising fame. (Source: Instagram)

Yet, it came to light that he had a strained relationship with his father, resided with his grandmother, and only visited when required for the show’s filming.

Born into a family of musical talents, people anticipated him starting his career soon, but he took his time deciding which path to pursue.

Moreover, the tragic death of rapper XXXTentacion in 2018 motivated King to actively embrace his genuine passion.

King smoking
Despite being a rising star, King Harris has 857k followers on Instagram. (Source: Instagram)

Further, at 15 in 2019, King released his debut single, Vacation, featuring Tajiah Gary, followed by his second single, Drip.

King’s parents strongly backed his music career, with his mother actively promoting his music on Instagram.

Currently boasting several singles, 19-year-old Harris has firmly positioned himself as an emerging force in the rap scene.

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