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Amie Parnes Wikipedia, Bio, Age: Former CNN Political Analyst

As a former CNN political analyst & journalist, Amie Parnes continues to prove herself as a name to be reckoned with in journalism as many look for the Wikipedia of the established personnel. Let’s explore this further in the article!

Amie Parnes is a veteran journalist who served as the senior correspondent at The Hill newspaper.

Before taking up her position at The Hill, Parnes was a staff writer for Politico, dealing with major political developments like the Senate.

With such enough reporting experience, she was hired as a Chief White House correspondent at The Messenger. 

Besides she has also co-authored several books that have received attention and generated debate.

As she often appears on major news channels for her work as an author and journalist, netizens want to know more about Amie Parnes, which eventually leads to an increased search for her Wikipedia.

Amie Parnes Wikipedia: Age, Bio, And Early Life

The Wikipedia page for Amie Parnes seems to be lacking despite her expertise and experience in several popular newscasts.

However, this article has included all the personal information of Amie Parnes, which could be helpful for her future Wikipedia.

Amie Parnes is a noted American journalist who was reportedly born in Miami, Florida, on April 15, 1977. 

Amie Parnesn in CNN
Amie Parnes has covered the Biden White House and national politics throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. (Source: Twitter)

Amie spent her early life in Miami, Florida, and later graduated from Colombia University.

Parnes has established herself as a Hill correspondent since 2012. She frequently posts about her work and personal projects on Twitter and Muck Rack.

She has a long history with journalism and worked at several news locations throughout it all.

Furthermore, Parnes is renowned for co-authoring several books, including “Shattered, which is listed as a New York Times bestseller.

Later, she also co-authored a book “Inside Hillary Clinton’s Doomed Campaign and Lucky: How Joe Biden Barely Won the Presidency.”

Amie Parnes in her childhood
Amie Parnes loves to play football, too. (Source: Twitter)

Parnes also works as the Chief White House Correspondent at The Messenger.

Despite her public profile, Amie keeps details about her family private, including her parents and her sister Sherry Parnes, for privacy reasons.

In general, Amie Parnes is a gifted journalist who focuses on covering national politics and the inner circles of campaign organizations.

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Details on Parnes’s Career And Net Worth

Amie Parnes, a successful journalist from the United States of America, graduated high school and college before pursuing a career in journalism.

She came a long way, writing for news sources such as Politico, where she wrote about the Senate.

In four years as part of Politico, she wrote stories on McCain and Obama’s presidential campaigns 2008.

Amie Parnesn with her friends
Amie Parnes attended the last Democratic National Convention on a day. (Source: Twitter)

Moreover, her voyage continued with the Hill, where she worked during the white house legislatures.

She is now a senior correspondent for The Hill newspaper, Washington, based with Biden White House and national political coverage.

Similarly, she actively covered the presidential campaigns, including Obama’s reelection in 2012.

Amie made a name for herself as MSNBC and Fox News host live reported on popular US TV channels such as NBC’s “Meet the Press and CNN.

Furthermore, Amie’s net worth is more than 5 million dollars throughout her journalism career.

Nonetheless, Amie continues to work in the media field despite juggling her part-time position for Penguin Random House and a full-time role as a senior correspondent at The Hill.

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