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Andre Portasio Wikipedia And Age: How Old Is Paul O’Grady Husband?

Paul O’Grady’s death news sent a shockwave to the entertainment industry. The presenter’s husband/partner Andre Portasio said that he died unexpectedly but peacefully on 28 March 2023.

The death cause of the renowned television presenter hasn’t been made public. However, O’Grady formerly talked about surviving heart attacks and also kidney failure.

Andre Portasio is well-known as Paul O’Grady’s husband and partner. He is gay and was happily married to the comedian, broadcaster, actor, writer, and drag queen Paul O’Grady.

The late broadcaster Paul was gay but had a daughter, Sharon O’Grady, with his friend, Diane Jansen. He was also married to his ex-wife, Teresa Fernandes, for 27 years.

At the time of his death, Paul was married to his husband, Andre Portasio. Today’s article concerns Paul O’Grady’s love life and his husband.

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Andre Portasio Wikipedia And Age: How Old Is Paul O’Grady Husband?

Paul O’Grady’s husband, Andre Portasio, is a former professional ballet dancer. Portasio formerly danced with the English National Ballet.

Regarding Portasio’s age, it has been reported that the pair has 25 years of an age gap, which suggests that Andre Portasio is 44 or 43 years old as of 2024.

As for Andre Potasio’s family and background, the details are yet to be made public.

Andre Portasio Wikipedia
Paul O’Grady’s husband, Andre Portasio, is a former ballet dancer and teacher. (Image Source: Daily Mail)

Paul O’Grady and Andre Portasio married in a secret and short wedding ceremony in 2017. The smitten pair began dating in 2006. After dating for 11 years, they decided to exchange marriage vow at the Goring Hotel in central London.

Andre Portasio’s late husband revealed his relationship with the former ballet dancer in his biography, Still Standing, published in 2012.

“Our bond simply crept up on us. We were caught off guard when we least expected it,” said Paul.

Portasio’s partner previously spoke openly about their relationship, admitting they frequently did not sleep together.

In an interview with The Sun, Paul recalled what Joan Collins said on his show. Collins said the secret to a happy marriage was separate bathrooms. While agreeing to the statement, O’Grady said, “she was right.”

The married duo shared a large property in Kent and lived there with their pet dogs. Nonetheless, the lovely couple had good times together.

Did Paul O’Grady Have Kids With Andre Portasio?

The married duo didn’t welcome any kids together. However, Paul has a daughter, Sharon O’Grady, whom he shared with his partner, Diane Jansen.

Sharon O’Grady was born in May 1974. As of 2024, Paul O’Grady’s daughter is 50 years old. In addition, Sharon is happily married to her childhood friend and is the mother of two kids – Abel and Halo.

After Sharon was born, O’Grady agreed to help support her, but he refused to marry Jansen as he knew he was homosexual.

Paul had a solid bond with his daughter. When Sharon married her childhood friend Philip Moseley, Paul gave her away.

Andre Portasio Wikipedia
Father and daughter duo: Paul O’Grady with his only daughter, Sharon O’Grady. (Image Source: Daily Mail)

Paul said the day was fantastic. He said his son-in-law, Philip, is nice, and Sharon looked like a Disney princess in her wedding dress. The presenter said his daughter and her husband fit together like a lid and a pan.

Who Is Paul O’Grady’s Ex-Wife Teresa Fernandes?

Before his marriage to Andre Portasio, Paul O’Grady was married to Portuguese model Teresa Fernandes from 1997 to 2005.

Ogrady called his bond with his ex-wife a “marriage of convenience” and declared he was “not in a relationship” with her.

Despite being married for nearly three decades, the former pair didn’t have any children.

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