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Andrew Cheney Wikipedia: Chicago Fire cast Kara Killmer husband

Beyond the Mask actor Andrew Cheney is phenomenal, and his personal life is as interesting as his professional life; let’s explore his Wikipedia.

Andrew Cheney is a famous actor in Hollywood who is known for his roles in Beyond the Mask (2015), Champion (2017), and Seasons of Gray (2013).

Although his accent in various movies is American, he is of British-French nationality.

He began his career in the late 2000s. His first appearance was in a short video, Daisy Chain, in 2009.

Since then, Andrew has grown a lot as an actor and worked in many movies and short films.

Apart from his acting job, he is also known for being the husband of actress Kara Killmer.

Thus, Kara Killmer fans are often surprised to know that she is married and they are curious about the Wikipedia of Andrew Cheney.

Andrew Cheney Wikipedia: Rise to Fame And Love Story With Co-Star Kara Killmer

While his wife Kara Killmer may be more popular than him, Andrew Cheney himself is no less an actor.

He has made many TV appearances in shows like Bobbington, My Haunted House, and The Josh Moore Show.

Additionally, to add to his Wikipedia, Andrew Cheney has worked as a voice actor in the video game Borderlands 3 as Bandidt and Tink Loot.

Andrew Cheney Wikipedia
Andrew Cheney is an excellent actor who deserves a Wikipedia full of achievements on various projects. (Source: Twitter)

He got his big break from the movie Beyond The Mask, released in 2015.

In the movie, Andrew Cheney plays the role of William Raynolds, an assassin to the British East India Company.

His work in the movie was captivating, giving him a huge fanbase. It was also in the movie when he met his wife, Kara Killmer.

Kara Killmer was the main female lead opposite Andrew Cheney in the movie.

They slowly started going out with each other during the time of filming.

Andrew Cheney and Kara in set
Andrew Cheney and Kara were both amazing in the movie Beyond the Mask. (Source: Twitter)

After spending time with each other, Andrew and Kara learned that they have much in common.

Their favorite thing was to go to Starbucks to get some coffee and go on long walks afterward.

They were also very fond of playing arcade games together while not filming.

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Andrew Cheney’s Surprise Proposal To Kara Killmer And Their Marriage In Los Angeles

Kara Killmer and Andrew Cheney were in Michigan during the filming.

Both thought that they may have difficulty seeing each other after the film.

But to their surprise, they lived less than a quarter mile away on the same street in Los Angeles.

This seemed like a fate, and they got even closer after the filming.

Andrew Cheney and his wife
Andrew Cheney and his wife Kara have made many public appearances, often on various red carpets. (Source: Twitter)

Andrew and Kara became close and decided to go on a trip to the Grand Canyon.

There, Andrew Cheney finally proposed to Kara to marry him.

She said yes to the question, and the couple made it official in a very intimate private ceremony.

Andrew is a very supportive husband to Kara, and it helps even more that both are actors.

Meanwhile, Kara does not post much of Andrew, maybe because he is a very private guy.

Andrew Cheney does not believe in sharing more of his personal life, which is why his Wikipedia is missing and little information is available about him.

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