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Does Tamara Sword Father Andrew Holmes Have A Son?

Activist Andrew Holmes has worked for years to build a safer community free of gun violence, and people wonder about his family, including his son.

Andrew Holmes is a well-known community activist and politician from Indianapolis, Chicago.

He works for families impacted by gun violence and aims to build a safe community and homes for children.

However, in 2015, his own family was subject to harrowing violence in the neighborhood.

This eventually made him determined to reach his goal, pushing him further into the world of politics.

Over the years, Andrew Holmes has aided different families, which has left many to wonder about his son.

Andrew Holmes’s Daughter: Tamara Sword

Before diving into his other children, let’s first learn about his daughter Tamara Sword.

Tamara Sword was the mother of five children living in Indianapolis who was a victim of gun violence. A gun battle near a nightclub caught the 32-year-old daughter of Holmes.

The press described the crime scene as devastating, as it was littered with 0.45 caliber shell casings.

Andrew Holmes grand son with wife
Tamara Sword left behind five children under the care of her father, Andrew. (Source: Chicago Tribune)

In addition, the gunfire came from several people involved in a scuffle at the club next to a gas station.

Sword was outside the station when the shooting started, which killed her after a hit in her chest.

Despite Holme’s work in activism, his own family was the victim of such crime.

After his daughter’s death, Holmes, along with other survivors, held a prayer vigil on the weekend of the shooting.

However, justice took its time to come by as two people were arrested later in 2016 in connection to the crime.

Police arrested Michael Edwards, 33, and Kenneth Jones, 28, on warrants for murder and attempted murder.

Andrew Holmes speaks during an interview
Andrew has been recognized for his anti-violence efforts in the community.

But charges against them were dropped later as a witness came forward to explain that Sword was caught in the crossfire between rival DJs.

Later, close family and friends held Sword’s funeral at St. Sabina Church.

Despite 7 years passing since the incident, authorities have not captured the culprits of the shooting.

Now, Holmes remembers his daughter as a radiant person and an inspiration for his activism and efforts.

Even after five years of his daughter’s death, Holmes continues to plead for justice for victims of violence.

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Does Tamara Sword Father, Andrew Holmes, Have A Son?

Despite losing sight of his ambitions after Sword’s death, Holmes continues his journey.

Holmes has given back much to the community with the constant support from his wife and family.

Many think that community activist Andrew Holmes has a son, but is it true?

The answer is no. Andrew Holmes does not have a son, as information to back this claim is not available.

Andrew Holmes wearing a grey suit
Gun violence is a major problem in the states, according to Andrew Holmes. (Source: Facebook)

Holmes has kept the details about his family under wraps except for the news of his daughter.

Further, Holmes is not available on any social media platforms, making it difficult to know about his other children, if he has any.

In addition, during Storm’s funeral, no other siblings were present, further proving that Andrew Holmes does not have a son.

Currently, Holmes, through his foundation, has drawn attention to safety locks to promote responsible gun ownership.

Andrew wearing a mask
Andrew Holmes has worked for years, taking inspiration from his daughter’s death. (Source: Facebook)

Moreover, he has distributed thousands of free gun safety locks to the community.

Gun safety advocates promote such locks to prevent children from being able to fire weapons to hurt themselves.

After his personal experience with death related to gun violence, Holmes is sensitive to the topic.

Moreover, Holmes brought joy to families and children who have faced gun tragedy. His efforts have helped the grieved party to relieve their traumas and loss.

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