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Is Anthony Fauci Gay? Sexuality, Partner of American Physician

Ever since Anthony Fauci started serving as Biden’s chief medical advisor, many started getting curious about his personal life, but lately, gay rumors surrounding him have surfaced in the media. So what’s the truth?

Anthony Fauci is a famous American physician, scientist, and immunologist who was born on December 24, 1940.

He holds the record of being one of the most cited scientists in scientific journals from the year 1983 to 2002.

Anthony also served as the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease (NIAID) from 1984 to 2022. 

A year later, he went on to serve as the chief medical adviser to President Biden.

All his achievements and career history in such high positions have made him a well-known name in America.

With that, the personal life of Anthony Fauci came under media scrutiny, and in recent times, many people have questioned his sexuality, wondering if he is gay. 

Anthony Fauci’s Marriage With Wife Christine Grady Disproves Gay Speculations 

Talking about the sexuality of Anthony Fauci, there are various aspects of his life suggesting that the rumors of him being gay are not true.

Anthony Fauci has a wife named Christine Grady who is a nurse and a bioethicist.

Anthony Fauci speaking on mic
Anthony Fauci has a very smart way of putting his point out loud in media. (Source: Twitter)

They met each other while they were treating a patient together and dated for a while.

And finally, in the year 1985, they exchanged vows in a private wedding ceremony and have been together ever since.

His wife, Christine is also the chief of the Department of Bioethics at the National Institutes of Health Clinical Center.

Together, they have three children, all of them girls who are now adults.

Anthony Fauci and his family have been living a very comfortable life in a modest house since the year 1977.

This suggests that Anthony Fauci is not gay and all the rumors are fake.

Anthony Fauci clicked in a decent pose
Anthony Fauci is a married man. (Source: Twitter)

Meanwhile, he appears to be a very loving husband to his wife and a devoted father to his children.

While the gay rumors can now shut down, there may be a reason why it started in the first place.

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Why Anthony Fauci Visited Gay Bars? Unraveling Misunderstandings 

Some years back, the news of Anthony Fauci visiting gay saunas was all over the Internet.

And he has been very vocal about visiting gay bars and bathhouses in the mid-80s. So, why was that? 

Well, Anthony Fauci went to those places to observe why the disease AIDS was more common among the gay community.

As a director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease, he was responsible for getting into the depth of the disease so that he could control it.

During those times, it was just starting to come to light, and not many people were familiar with AIDS.

Anthony Fauci looks worried
Anthony Fauci is a New York native. (Source: Twitter)

Mostly gay men were the ones affected by the disease. This is why he had to do his research which took him to all the gay bars and bath houses.

Throughout all these years this news may have been bent and spread with various headlines.

This must have resulted in the gay rumors spreading about Anthony Fauci.

Things to be noted that Anthony himself has not made any statements to clarify the rumors and assumptions.

It appears that Anthony Fauci believes in keeping quiet until the rumors fade.

This also sheds light on how a rumor can spread through false headlines and news over the years.

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