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Is Wyatt Nash Gay? Into Jason Nash Son Sexuality And Gender

Wyatt Nash is a famous TV actor and entertainment personality finding his way to his dream; however, with the fame he earned, some of his fans are in doubt he is gay or not.

Born on October 2, 1988, in Nashville, Tennessee, U.S., Matthew Wyatt Elrod, aka Wyatt Nash, is an American television personality and actor.

He was a contestant on the 22nd season of the American competitive reality television series Survivor.

Wyatt Nash is his stage name adopted following his appearance on reality TV show Survivor: Redemption Island.

His presence in Survivor made him a way into the American Entertainment Industry.

Later in the 26th season of Survivor, he was offered to be a part of the show. But Wyatt simply declined the proposal of the Survivor team.

But this time, Wyatt Nash is in the talks if he is gay or not and what is his gender and sexuality.

Is Wyatt Nash Gay? Sexuality And Gender

Wyatt Nash is an American TV personality who rose to fame from his role in the TV show Survivor in 2011.

Wyatt has a very promising and excellent career with TV shows and entertainment history.

However, his magical expression has made many films and reality shows relatable to its viewers.

Fans speculate that Wyatt Nash is gay due to his good looks and physique.

Wyatt Nash with pet
Wyatt Nash loves animals. He has a cat as a pet. (Source: Instagram)

Wyatt Nash, being gay rumor quickly escalated when one of his fans commented on his Instagram picture.

Apart from the star’s rising career, the fandom is interested in his sexuality and orientation.

However, he has never commented about his sexuality and orientation publically.

Nevertheless, Wyatt Nash is a married man with the love of his life, Aubrey.

Similar to his well-going acting career, his personal life, too, is smoothly running.

Wyatt Nash with wife
Wyatt Nash considers his wife Aubrey as a source of his inspiration. (Source: Instagram)

Wyatt’s relationship with his wife, Aubrey Swander, began in mid-2013. And Wyatt stuck with his girlfriend-turned-wife and eventually married her.

Their wedding took place on September 17, 2017, at a ranch.

This is strong evidence to support his sexuality, suggesting Wyatt Nash is not gay.

Further, we should not make any assumptions based on appearances or any whims.

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Wyatt Nash’s Early Life And Career

As of 2023, Wyatt is about 35 years old and was born to his father, Jason Nash and his mother, Marney Hochman.

Wyatt childhood bloomed in his hometown in a middle-class family of doctors with an older brother and a sister.

Nash with his siblings
Wyatt Nash (left) with sister Charley Nash (center) and brother (right). (Source: Instagram)

Similarly, talking about his nationality, he holds American Citizenship and belongs to the white ethnicity.

As for education, he majored in biology and chemistry in college in his hometown.

He initially began his career as a surgical technologist in a local hospital, which he quit later.

While going to medical school, he suddenly gained an interest in the entertainment field.

He asked his parents for permission to try acting as a career for three years.

Wyatt received compliments for his looks, which motivated him to try modeling.

Wyatt in the movie
Wyatt Nash in the film Ford VS Ferrari. (Source: Instagram)

His modeling career kicked off as he got some early assignments without much struggle.

Soon after that, Wyatt moved to LA for better career opportunities, and slowly, he started getting roles.

He started his road to fame with the 22nd season of the popular American survival reality show Survivor.

Wyatt made his debut in television with a recurring role in the drama show ‘Hollywood Heights.

He followed it up with some short films along with a few guest appearances on shows such as Mistresses and 1600 Penn.

In more recent years, Wyatt has been appearing in TV movies such as Petals on the Wind, The Bridge, The Bridge 2, and Like Cats & Dogs.

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