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Why Fans Think Preacher Lawson Is Gay? Gender And Sexuality Talk

Throughout Preacher Lawson’s career, there has been a constant question in people’s minds: Is Preacher Lawson gay? Let’s see why people often assume he might be gay.

Preacher Lawson is an American stand-up comedian, YouTuber, and reality television star known for his impressive career.

He was born on March 14, 1991, in Portland, Oregon.

Lawson’s talent and humor have earned him recognition, including being a finalist on the 12th season of America’s Got Talent.

He also returned for America’s Got Talent: The Champions, finishing in 5th place overall.

Aside from his stand-up comedy success, Lawson manages a YouTube channel with over 23 million views and over 630K subscribers.

Interestingly, during many of his stand-up shows, people have asked Preacher Lawson if he is gay. However, he has expressed surprise at this recurring question, wondering why some may think that way.

Why People Believe Preacher Lawson To Be Gay?

Preacher Lawson has faced recurring questions from people about his sexuality, with many assuming he might be gay.

This belief likely originated from his performances, where he humorously addresses topics related to sexuality and gender.

Moreover, in one of his shows titled Gay Bro, he mimicked his gay brother, which may have contributed to the perception.

Additionally, he did a comedy performance called Women vs. Men during his time on America’s Got Talent (AGT).

In the play, he playfully acted out scenarios involving both genders, including girls in a gym.

Preacher Lawson not gay but doing his female impression
Preacher Lawson makes a lot of female impressions in his posts and shows (Source: Twitter)

However, it’s important to note that Preacher’s on-stage persona and comedy material are all part of his performance as a comedian.

Additionally, Preacher Lawson has consistently and confidently stated that he is not gay whenever he’s been asked about it.

Moreover, he has also been in a public relationship with his girlfriend, further confirming his straight orientation.

Despite the occasional confusion or assumptions about his sexuality, people have always adored him for his talent in the comedy industry.

Preacher’s unique spirit and comedic talent have also endeared him to audiences. This has made him a beloved figure in the comedy world.

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Preacher Lawson’s Past And Present Relationships

Certainly! It’s important to note that Preacher Lawson has clarified that he is not gay. He has always been very open about his straight orientation.

Now, let’s delve into his current relationship status.

As of the year 2023, Preacher Lawson is single and not married. He is 36 years old and has no romantic involvement with anyone.

However, it’s worth mentioning his past relationships.

According to records, Preacher Lawson has been in at least one previous relationship.

Preacher Lawson with his girlfriend holding her waist and smiling
Preacher Lawson opened up about his ex-girlfriend Janine (Source: Twitter)

He dated Janine Foster, an American songwriter and singer with a bachelor’s degree in music from the University of Auckland.

Moreover, Janine Foster started performing at open mic nights when she was just 14 years old.

In 2019, Preacher Lawson did talk openly about his dating life, especially regarding his relationship with Janine.

Although he usually kept his private life and romantic affairs away from the public and media, he was quite candid about his relationship with Janine during that period.

However, after Janine, there has not been any news of Preacher involved in a relationship with anyone else.

Despite all the speculation and rumors, he is adored by his fans and is loved in the comedy industry.

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