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Why Is Bada Lee Wearing A Durag? Criticism Or Adoration From Fans

Fan’s craze for the K-Pop industry has reached another level where they find K-Pop culture and fashion appealing. But how will fans digest Bada Lee wearing Durag in a dance video? Will it be criticism or adoration?

A South Korean choreographer and dancer, Bada Lee has worked with various Korean artists and groups.

She was born on September 22, 1995, in Seoul, South Korea.

Keeping her parental and family information secret, Bada Lee has not provided any official information about her parents.

Bada Lee became popular when she joined the crew of CUPCAKES from 2015 to 2016, formed by Girin Jang.

In 2022, Bada became the leader of a crew after creating a team called BEBE.

Currently, she’s also an exclusive instructor at the Just Jerk Academy Hapjeong branch and the URBANPLAY Dance Academy.

Recently, Bada Lee was noticed wearing Durag in a live stream from her page, which has left fans puzzled in the comment section.

Why Is Bada Lee Wearing A Durag? Criticism Or Adoration From Fans

With her impressive dancing skills, choreography, and teaching methods, she became a favorite among K-pop idols.

She has worked with various artists, such as BLACKPINK Lisa, former 2NE1 CL, The Boyz, VERIVERY, and more.

Bada Lee is seen wearing Durag in one of the dance cover versions of Smoke on video from YouTube.

Bada Lee mirror selfie
Bada Lee participated in the show “Street Woman Fighter 2”. (Source: Instagram)

A durag is a close-fitting cloth tied around the top of the head to protect the hair; similarly, a wave cap is a close-fitting cap for the same purpose.

Especially within mainstream and pop culture, the use of Durag as a fashion chip to enhance the look.

It serves the dual purpose of holding hair in place and absorbing sweat and is called the headband.

It’s undeniable that high fashion has found inspiration from the durag.

Durags are customizable to match any look or attitude, as they manage to be street and punk at the same time.

Besides that, they are a piece of history that has remained intact, allowing the wearer to express who they are.

Bada Lee loves taking selfie.
She is the main dancer for Lisa (BLACKPINK). (Source: Instagram)

That’s why they’re so fascinating in the way they have come to represent the styles of an often misunderstood counterculture.

Similarly, Bada Leen on Durag can be nothing more than just fashion through the video.

Sometimes, it can also cause controversy because it has cultural beliefs and emotions attached to it.

Whereas it is adorable for Bada Lee to wear Durag, sometimes it can also hurt sentiment and cause criticism.

Probably, she is using Durag because of the video or art or appearance demand.

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K-Pop Culture And Its Controversies For Durag

In recent days, durag controversies have invaded the K-pop culture as netizens have flooded BTS V with criticism for one video.

BTS V has landed in a major controversy for trying Durag during the stream, which caused him backlash.

Netizens have mixed emotions about the debate, with some fans defending his actions and some disappointed.

Seamlessly, being unaware of the complex culture and connections associated with durag, Bada Lee had done it in video, too.

Bada lee in black
She took on the role of a crew leader and formed a team called BEBE. (Source: Instagram)

Similarly, On August 3, Chan took to Instagram to post an apology in English and Korean for wearing a durag at ‘KCON 2022 LA.’

Last year, critics slammed Chas for inappropriate cultural appropriation during TO1’s performance at an event.

Chan apologizes to those he may have offended with his outfit and expresses his respect for hip-hop culture.

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