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Who Is Tyler Parker, Lala Milan Husband? Age Gap & Relationship

The pregnancy news of Lala Milan took the internet by storm, and fans were left speechless with the revelation of her husband name, none other than the model Tyler Parker.

Lala Milan is a famous YouTuber, social media influencer, and actress.

She is currently 33 years old and has made a mark on the internet with her amazing personality and interesting content.

Lala has a large number of fans on her social media handles, like Instagram and Twitter.

People admire her videos because of her humor and how relatable she is.

As the YouTuber Lala Milan has kept her relationship private, fans were surprised by the pregnancy news drop with her husband.

Is Tyler Parker Lala Milan Husband? Age Gap & Relationship Insights

The fans were thrilled to discover that their favorite influencer, Lala Milan, has a boyfriend.

Lala’s boyfriend is none other than another famous Instagram sensation and fashion model, Tyler Parker.

As per online news outlets, Tyler was born on the year 1996, November 19, making him 26 years old as of now.

So, that makes a 7-year age gap between the couple, Lala Milan and her husband, Tyler Parker.

People were initially speculating that Tyler is Lala Milan husband, but they haven’t made it official yet.

Tyler Parker
Tyler Parker is an amazing model, and he really knows how to charm the screen. (Source: Instagram)

Lala Milan and Tyler’s relationship initially caught fans by surprise, and their revelation was unpredictable.

Even though both are from the same career field, nobody thought they had anything to do with each other.

There are no specific details about how their relationship started, but it has been said by Lala that they have known each other for a long time.

Their relationship apparently had many ups and downs, and there were times when they did not think they would ever be serious about each other.

While we can only know what the earlier days of their relationship looked like, the couple is totally thriving right now.

Evolving as a Couple: Lala Milan’s Pregnancy Revelation With Tyler Parker

How do we know they are evolving as a couple? We’ve got a revelation.

Lala Milan is pregnant with her boyfriend Tyler, who was initially rumored to be his husband.

Lala Milan Husband
Lala Milan and Tyler would make such cool parents to their children. (Source: Instagram)

She made the revelation through an interview with a famous magazine.

Lala says that she is extremely happy to have the baby with Tyler. She thinks he can be an amazing father to their child.

The pregnancy was a moment of truth for the couple, and they did not expect or plan the baby.

She reveals that she took a pregnancy test out of curiosity after her period was late for seven days.

Lala took the test before Tyler was to be with her after some days.

According to her, those days without Tyler, she felt extreme anxiety. Lala Milan couldn’t wait to finally be with her rumored husband.

It was after Tyler finally came back that they had a realization of their new reality.

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Tyler’s Wholesome Reaction to Pregnancy News: Embracing a New Chapter Together

Tyler’s reaction to the news was very wholesome, and he was initially in shock.

While both partners did not expect to start such an important chapter of their life together, they are truly embracing it now.

After the interview, the couple made posts on their Instagram. They had a maternity photoshoot together.

Tyler Parker lala
Tyler and Lala look so much in love with each other. (Source: Instagram)

The reaction from the fans was very heartwarming, filled with wishes and congratulations.

Not only the fans but many fellow celebrities also sent wishes to the soon-to-be parents.

Lala Milan, when asked about when she will turn her boyfriend into her husband, said that she likes to break stereotypes.

While she truly awaits the arrival of their baby, she doesn’t want her motherhood to interfere with her career and life choices.

She says that she and Tyler would like to take some time before planning their wedding.

Fans cannot wait to see how the two internet sensations embark on a new chapter of their life.

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