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Did Barry Keoghan Gain Weight For Saltburn? Diet & Workout Plan

After the release of the comedy thriller Saltburn, Barry Keoghan has been a major topic on the internet, and now netizens are curious about his weight gain journey.

Born on 18 October 1992, Barry Keoghan is an accomplished Irish actor.

He has appeared in different movies and TV shows throughout his acting career, showcasing his versatility.

He is widely recognized for appearing in movies like Dunkirk, The Killing of The Secret Deer, and many more.

Barry has made a name for himself in the industry with his talent and hard work beyond imagination.

Additionally, his talent has been awarded many awards, including a British Academy Film Award.

However, after the success of his recent movie, the primary concern among Barry Keoghan fans is his body transformation and weight gain.

Did Barry Keoghan Gain Weight For Saltburn?

As a celebrity continues to showcase his talent on screen, they also attract people with their notable transformations.

And as of now, Barry Keoghan has gained prominent attention regarding his weight gain.

However, till now, no official statement has been released from Barry regarding his weight transformation in the public.

Meanwhile, there is no credible source of information to confirm the news.

Thus, this lack of disclosure makes it difficult to confirm or deny the circulating news about the weight gain of Barry Keoghan.

Barry Keoghan captured lying in the sofa.
Barry has not lost or gained any weight in the past few months. (Source: Instagram)

However, Barry has gotten ripped instead of gaining weight, as seen by his well-defined body.

According to a news source, he underwent a body transformation along with Jacob Elordi before the comedy thriller Saltburn.

They trained like hell with the Dogpound’s Kirk Myers to get that shredded body.

Later, Kirk also shared some photos clicked during the training sessions on his Instagram.

Meanwhile, all the hard work of Barry and Jacob was also evident in their body, as seen in the movie.

Moreover, fans might have gone through some misunderstanding about Barry’s weight gain instead of weight loss.

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Barry Keoghan’s Diet & Workout Plan

Being a fitness enthusiast, Barry has had a decent body since the beginning of his career.

However, his ripped physique in the 2023 movie Saltburn further showcased his potential for body transformation.

Barry Keoghan captured with Jacob and his trainer.
Barry took his fitness to another level with his astonishing transformation. (Source: Instagram)

Although many mistook the information of Barry’s weight loss as weight gain, he did put in some hard work to achieve the physique.

Barry and his co-actor, Jacob, followed a well-planned diet and workout routine with the celebrity trainer Kirk.

Myer set them up in a rigorous workout regimen combined with cardio and weight training.

For cardio, Myer hooks them up with light jogging and jumping jacks, followed by dynamic stretching to improve flexibility.

He also added strength training days, including squats, deadlifts, and overhead presses.

Moreover, he also set them up with a proper diet plan containing all the necessary macros for muscle growth.

Barry Keoghan captured without a t-shirt showing off his body.
Barry’s physique in Saltburn left everyone in shock. (Source: Instagram)

According to Myers, both had an individual diet with the required nutrients and supplements.

However, there was no specific diet plan to follow for Barry and Jacob, but they did have to eat between the ordered calories to maintain their weight.

Nevertheless, all the hard work and dedication put in during the sessions were visible in the various scenes of the movie.

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