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Basil Smikle Wikipedia, Bio: Wife Marjorie Harris & Family Details

Since Basil Smikle has been making several headlines for his political endeavors lately, it piqued people’s interest in his personal life, making them surge for his details on Wikipedia.  

Dr. Basil Smikle Jr. is a highly esteemed expert in politics and public policy, with nearly two decades of service history.

He is a Columbia University School of International and Public Affairs professor. Before this, he taught at the City University of New York.

Further, he has two Ph.D. degrees from Columbia and Cornell, specializing in electoral politics, governance, and urban education policy.

Additionally, Dr. Smikle is well-known on major networks like NBC and CNN, where he interprets issues.

His work helped Democrats win control of the State Senate and secure several congressional seats.

Due to this, people are looking for the Wikipedia of Basil Smikle to learn more details about his life and his family.

Basil Smikle Wikipedia: Age, Bio, And Early Life

The Wikipedia page for Basil Smikle seems to be lacking despite his significant contributions and achievements.

So, we have developed some information about Basil Smikle that could be used in his future Wikipedia article.

Basil Smikle, a well-known political strategist and policy specialist, was born in New York City on January 12, 1972.

Though he has an ancestry from Jamaica, he spent most of his childhood in New York City, where he also completed his schooling.

Basil Smikle in black dress
Basil Smikle also loves to go cycling(Source: Instagram)

Similarly, he took up his Bachelor of Science in Industrial and Labor Relations at Cornell University.

Eventually, he obtained degrees from a Master’s in Public Administration to a Doctorate in Politics and Education at Columbia University.

Furthermore, as for his physical features, the 52-year-old Smikle weighs about 6’2″ and 96kg.

Now, discussing his career, Smikle has over twenty years of experience and has held various positions in government, civil society, and international organizations.

His skills in conducting elections, government, and public policy analysis granted him success in his field and earned him worldwide recognition.

Moreover, he has also actively addressed voter suppression, particularly during times of racial unrest and the challenges posed by the COVID-19 outbreak.

Basil Smikle in high school
Basil Smikle’s birth sign is Capricorn. (Source: Instagram)

He educates, campaigns, and collaborates with civil rights leaders, lawmakers, and community workers for change.

Smikle received recognition for his dedication to public service and education equality throughout his life.

Nonetheless, he has taught global politics at Columbia University and City University of New York, educating aspiring leaders in politics and public policy.

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Details on Wife Marjorie Harris & Family Of Smikle

Basil Smikle wed Marjorie Fields Harris, who earned acclaim for her leadership in social justice advocacy and as a communications strategist.

The couple first met during Hillary Clinton’s senatorial campaign in January 2000.

A week later, the couple celebrated their marriage in the bustling city of Manhattan on the memorable date of May 26, 2001.

But sadly, their partnership couldn’t last long. And they informally separated and chose to keep the reason for their breakup a secret. 

Basil Smikle selfie
Basil Smikle loves to cook delicious food. (Source: Instagram)

The only information we know about them is that they have children together; their names and other details are unknown.

As for his family members, Olive Marjorie Smikle, the mother of Smikle. She worked as a special education teacher at a public elementary school.

In 2018, his father, gainfully employed in the textile industry, experienced this event.

He engages in politics, government, and public policy analysis, sharing his views through major media channels.

Nonetheless, Smikle’s influence spans politics, education, and public life, shaping his path and broader arenas.

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