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Kim Kiyosaki Wikipedia, Age, Net Worth: Who Is Robert Kiyosaki Wife?

In the past few years, Kim Kiyosaki, an American businesswoman has made quite a name for herself and now people globally are interested in her Wikipedia.

Kim Kiyosaki is a prominent American Businesswomen and an esteemed author. 

She is also an entrepreneur, renowned for her influential work in the field of finance and literature. 

Moreover, she is widely recognized as the wife of a Japanese-American businessman and author, Robert Kiyosaki.

Mostly known for her groundbreaking book Rich Women, Kim also co-founded Rich Dad’s company.

Moreover, with the increasing popularity of Kim Kiyosaki, netizens have started scouring the internet searching for her Wikipedia page.  

Kim Kiyosaki Wikipedia: Early Life And Family

Despite being a well-recognized figure in finance and literature, Wikipedia has not yet dedicated a page to Kim Kiyosaki. 

Kim was born on January 26, 1957, in Honolulu, Hawaii, and spent her formative years in Oregon. Fast forward to 2024, she is currently 64 years old. 

Kim Kiyosaki captured during a live event wearing a black jacket and white skirt.
Kim Kiyosaki wanted a successful life since her childhood. (Source: Instagram)

She was born and raised in a middle-class family with a modest amount of financial resources. 

Raised in a middle-class family, she learned the value of hard work and perseverance very early. 

However, current information about her parents and other family members is not widely available.

Even though having a transparent career in entrepreneurship, Kim has never shared anything related to her parents. 

Despite the financial challenges, Kim never allowed her circumstances to define her and left her hometown to pursue her dream.

Kim during an interview writing down something.
Kim is actively involved in promoting financial education globally. (Source: Instagram)

She moved to Hawaii to pursue higher education at the University of Hawaii.

There she earned a degree in education, a decision that unknowingly set the stage for her future journey.

Moreover, her early life combines a commitment to education and courage to forge her path. 

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Kim Kiyosaki’s Inspirational Journey To Success

Initially working as a flight attendant and later for a local business in Honolulu, Kim soon realized, being an employee wasn’t her dream.

This realization marked the beginning of her true education.

In a quest to become something, Kim transitioned into a real state, collecting valuable experiences that would shape her future self. 

Meanwhile, during this time in 1984, she crossed paths with her future husband, Robert Kiyosaki.

Kim Kiyosaki along with her husband captured holding glasses filled with wine.
Kim and Robert have been married since 1986 and lead a happening life together. ( Source: Instagram)

His teachings and mentorship played an important role in Kim’s personal and professional growth.

Further, using all the lessons learned from Robert, Kim Kiyosaki started her first business the same year, notable in her Wikipedia. 

From there on Kim, alongside Robert ventured into several businesses and eventually in 1996, Kim and Robert, started The Rich Dad company. 

Meanwhile, their first product, the Cashflow board game aimed to make financial education entertaining and accessible. 

Furthermore, Kim’s investment journey started in 1989 with a small rental property in Portland, Oregano.

As of now, her portfolio has evolved so much, including thousands of rental properties, hotels, golf courses, and commercial ventures. 

Moreover, she is a professional investor and an inspiration for aspiring women worldwide.

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Kim’s Authorship Journey And Net Worth

Kim’s authorship journey is an inspiring tale of financial empowerment, fueled by a commitment to help women take control of their financial destinies. 

After achieving financial success, she went on to co-author books along with her husband.

Kim captured along with Robert holding his hand.
Kim and Robert have been the greatest supporters in each other’s careers. (Source: Instagram)

Her first ever writing was a book titled Rich Women published in 2006.

Moreover, she focuses on simplifying personal finance and encourages women to overcome financial challenges. 

Meanwhile, her second book It’s Rising Time showed her expertise and introduced innovative elements like a book study app.

Kim’s books go beyond financial advice, challenging societal norms, and inspiring women globally. 

Furthermore, talking about her financial worth, according to some sources, the estimated net worth of Kim is around $40 million.

Nevertheless, such an astonishing figure in her net worth is only the result of her years-long dedication and hard work.

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