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Is Ben Mehl Gay In Real Life? Gender, Sexuality Of You Character

Since Ben Mehl portrayed a gay character, there have been rumors and speculations about his sexuality. Some people have presented various supposed facts about Ben Mehl being gay.

Ben Mehl, an actor originally from Toronto, gained fame for his role in the psycho-thriller series You. He’s known as a TV celebrity and media personality.

Despite being relatively new to the entertainment world, Ben has already made a strong impression with his acting.

What’s particularly interesting about Ben is his background in both Astrophysics and Drama, which adds to his unique journey.

Additionally, you can spot Ben in the movie The Fault in Our Stars and the TV show Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, where he took on significant roles.

In addition to his artistic pursuits, Ben actively teaches acting, voice, and movement to aspiring actors in New York City.

Recently, there has been a lot of talk about Ben Mehl’s sexual orientation, with many people speculating whether Ben Mehl is gay.

Is Ben Mehl Gay? YOU Character Sexuality

There has been a lot of talk on the internet about Ben Mehl’s sexual orientation.

Some people have speculated that Ben Mehl might be gay because of the roles he has played.

In the third season of the show You, he portrayed Dante, who is married to someone of the same gender. This role got fans wondering about his sexuality.

However, Ben Mehl has never publicly stated him being gay, and he’s quite private about his personal life.

Ben Mehl smiling dressed as March Hare
People speculate him being gay based on the way he carries himself. (Source: Instagram)

Limited information about his relationship status makes it easy for people to make assumptions. However, there is no solid evidence to support these rumors.

So, the rumor about Ben Mehl being gay is baseless.

It’s important to remember that these speculations are mainly based on his convincing portrayal of the character Dante Ferguson in the popular Netflix series You.

But we should be careful not to confuse an actor’s on-screen role with their real-life identity.

Meanwhile, Ben Mehl’s reputation for keeping his personal life private has intensified these rumors.

Nevertheless, regardless of his sexuality, he’s a talented and versatile actor who deserves recognition and respect for his work.

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Ben Mehl’s Wife: Is He A Father?

The actor Ben Mehl has kept his family life private, away from the public’s view.

Also, Ben had not publicly admitted to being married.

However some online sources have mentioned his marriage, but they have chosen not to disclose his wife’s name to honor their privacy.

So, people have been curious to know about the family members of Ben Mehl, his wife, and his children.

Ben Mehl drinking from bottle and holding bag with You written
A friend of Ben’s wife helped him secure a role in You. (Source: Instagram)

In an interview with Authority Magazine, Ben Mehl mentioned that a friend of his wife helped him get a role in You.

This confirmation of having a wife indicates that Ben Mehl is a straight individual.

Furthermore, his wife works in healthcare, demonstrating her dedication to a noble profession.

Besides being a husband, Ben is also a loving father.

He has two daughters, which adds a heartwarming aspect to his life beyond the spotlight.

Interestingly, his Instagram account doesn’t have any family pictures.

In an interview with SCREENRANT, Ben Mehl talked about his experiences building on-screen family dynamics, especially with his husband’s character.

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Ben Mehl’s Character In YOU

In the show You Season 3 on Netflix, Ben Mehl plays the character Dante.

Dante is a librarian at the Madre Linda library and is a close friend of Marienne.

In episode 1, he is introduced when Joe follows Natalie into the library, but his proper introduction occurs in episode 3.

As for Dante, he is a former Navy veteran and is “100% blind,” as mentioned by Joe Goldberg in the show’s narration.

Ben Mehl standing holding cane alongside his co-star
The first look at Ben Mehl’s character, Dante. (Source: Instagram)

Throughout the season, Dante is shown using a cane and relies on his close friend Marienne to describe events to him.

In the series, Dante has a family, including his husband Lansing and two unnamed stepchildren.

He also takes care of baby Henry for Joe and Love.

Thus, Dante’s character in the show, having a husband, may have led people to wonder about Ben Mehl’s real-life orientation.

However, his marital status indicates that Ben Mehl is not gay.

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