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Was Ben Shapiro Really Fired From Daily Wire? Twitter Fans Talk

Ben Shapiro being fired from The Daily Wire was the speculation across the Internet. How true was it, though?

Ben Shapiro is famous for being one of the most controversial political commentators.

Apart from being a political commentator, Ben Shapiro is famous for being an Ashkenazi Jewish.

He also proudly flaunts his Jewish background in his videos and speeches. Ben also consistently wears a Yarmulke, visible across all his public appearances.

In recent times, however, Ben Shapiro has also become a social media personality.

He currently serves as the editor for The Daily Wire, which he also co-founded.

He also is popular amongst today’s generation as the host of The Ben Shapiro Show.

Ben is a prominent figure in American political commentary, famous for his incisive analysis of social issues. But people are curious whether Ben Shapiro was fired from The Daily Wire.

Breaking: Was Ben Shapiro Fired From Daily Wire

Ben Shapiro and Jeremy Boreing co-founded The Daily Wire in September 2015.

The website’s URL dailywire.com, in 2023, records millions of impressions per day on their page.

As The Daily Wire turned 5, Ben Shapiro stepped down from his position as editor-in-chief.

With this step, many people believed Ben Shapiro was fired from the company. However, The Daily Wire quickly pointed out that was not the case.

Ben Shapiro fired news has been trending on social media platforms.
Ben Shapiro believes in less government intervention in public life. (Source: Instagram)

A public statement from CEO Jeremy made clear that Ben Shapiro would continue to be a part of the media outlet.

The rumors about Ben Shapiro leaving The Daily Wire immediately shut down after fans learned he was taking over the position of new Editor Emeritus.

Previously, the supervising editor, John Bickley, replaced Ben Shapiro as the new editor-in-chief.

Any step from Ben Shapiro is always controversial. Hence, Ben Shapiro stepping down from his role made fans think the company fired him.

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Twitter Fans Talk About Ben Shapiro And Massive Backlash

Ben Shapiro has amassed a very loyal and hardcore fanbase on his Twitter. When he stepped down, Twitter went into an absolute meltdown.

Fans were mostly busy defending Ben Shapiro’s decision as being selfless.

But the neutrals were quick to point out this possibly being his move towards politics.

Ben Shapiro taaking a picture while holding a book
Ben Shapiro’s marriage took place in the city of Acre, Israel, not in the United States. (Source: Instagram)

When Ben Shapiro mentioned that he would continue working with The Daily Wire, fans stopped speculating about the fired rumors.

Fans mostly defended Ben by stating that this move from his side allows fresh faces to take over.

Regardless, Ben continued with the portal and also continued to appear across Daily Wire’s social media platforms.

The Wikipedia page of The Daily Wire continues to state Ben Shapiro as the editor emeritus. Further, Ben only recently appeared on a YouTube video on Daily Wire’s channel 2 weeks back.

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Back And Forth On Donald Trump Arouses Even More Controversy

Ben Shapiro initially opposed Donald Trump’s presidential run heavily. Throughout the entire election campaign 2016, Ben continued to be critical of Trump.

Internal emails even leaked that Shapiro faced extreme pressure to speak in favor of Trump.

However, Ben Shapiro was defiant and never afraid of being fired or the backlash.

Ben Shapiro in the studio with Jonathan.
Ben Shapiro writes columns for Creator Syndicate, Newsweek, and Ami Magazine. (Source: Instagram)

Late,r when Trump emerged as the victor, Ben stated that the loss had more to do with people voting against Hilary Clinton.

However, during Trump’s presidency, Ben began to support his actions. And by 2020’s presidential elections, Ben was vocally supportive of Donald Trump.

This support continues as Ben continues to speak in favor of Donald Trump.

He even continues to state on Twitter and his YouTube videos that voters will re-elect Trump.

This open support of Donald Trump is getting a lot of heat towards Ben Shapiro. His fans were speculating that he might be going the political route.

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