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Here Is All About Boogie2988 Girlfriend Dezi! Real Name

As Boogie2988 struggles with his YouTube downfall, the new documentary about his life has shifted the interest of many in his girlfriend. Find out more details further in the article.

Steven Jay Williams, better known by his online alias Boogie2988, is an American YouTuber.

He often posts video rants about video games and nerd culture as a character named Francis.

Further, Boogie2988 based the character on his early life experiences with his abusive and negligent parents.

Meanwhile, over the years, he has faced several controversies significantly declining subscribers.

Nevertheless, Boogie2988’s financial crisis story was recently put into perspective with Mike Clum’s feature-length documentary.

As the story delved into his struggles, people were also shocked to see the girlfriend of Boogie2988.

Here Is What We Know About Boogie2988 Girlfriend Dezi! Real Name

Due to his public image, netizens have been interested in gaining insights into Boogie2988 and his new girlfriend.

Boogie2988 announced that he was in a relationship with DeziWolf through his social media account.

Further, her real name is Deziree Davis, who was 20 years of age at the time.

Dezi with Boogie2988
The couple have a huge age gap between them. (Source: Twitter)

The YouTuber revealed that his girlfriend previously lived on a farm in the countryside with her mother.

Moreover, the pair met each other after Dezi texted Williams on Instagram to show her support for his content.

Delving into her personal life, it came to light that Dezi grew up without a father and sought a father figure.

Like Boogie2988, she struggles with autism and finds comfort with stuffed animals and collects them.

Meanwhile, Dezi moved in with the YouTuber after dating for nearly three months.

Initially, Boogie2988 posted a picture of his girlfriend, Dezi, with her face covered with a Super Mario mystery box.

Later, he revealed details about his partner, who is 29 years younger than the YouTuber.

Boogie2988 girlfriend
Boogie2988 finds comfort in his life with Dezi. (Source: Twitter)

Similarly, the news garnered mixed reactions from Twitter users, as many called Boogie2988 a pedophile.

However, Dezi does not let the hate get to her, as she plans to marry the YouTuber.

Moreover, as Boogie2988 struggles with finances, his girlfriend promises to support him through the hard times.

Also, before Dezi, the creator married Desiree, who was portrayed as the unseen character in his videos.

However, the pair finalized their divorce after Boogie2988 went through his gastric bypass surgery.

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Downfall Of YouTube Career: Boogie2988’s Dark And Sad Life

Boogie2988 grew popular with videos that range from absurd rants to severe discussions on daily life.

He explored topics like the ethics of paid promotion on YouTube channels and his experiences with mental health.

Further, Boogie2988 won the Trending Gamer award at The Games Award 2016.

Boogie2988 and Dezi in Pokémon hats
The creator has been criticized for his relationship. (Source: Twitter)

However, after several allegations and controversies, Boogie2988 noticed a significant loss in subscribers.

In 2018, the creator faced backlash due to his relationship with the controversial counseling service BetterHelp.

Likewise, critics accused him and other YouTubers sponsored by the service of profiting from mental illness.

Following such incidents, Boogie2988 made a controversial statement against his internet trolls.

Moreover, fans criticized the YouTuber for his body and weight gain for the longest time.

However, Boogie2988 suffers from major depressive and anxiety disorder along with a history of diabetes mellitus.

All the medications have affected him greatly and caused severe obesity.

 Dezi on a date with her boyfriend
Boogie2988 plans to marry his girlfriend in the future. (Source: Twitter)

On the other hand, Boogie2988 was trending on online platforms after he threatened Frank Hassle with a revolver.

Additionally, Reddit users have falsely accused the YouTuber of numerous crimes, such as child abuse, murder, and racism.

With his public image in shambles, Boogie2988 faced minimal views in his content and decreased income.

Despite such hardships, Boogie2988 has his girlfriend as his biggest support system.

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