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BTB Savage Wiki, Girlfriend: Rapper Full Story, Reddit, Instagram

The recent tragic murder of BTB Savage immediately set off Reddit and Instagram with searches on his Wiki, with many wanting to learn the whole story behind it.

BTB Savage and Darrell Gentry were among Texas’s prominent and famous rappers.

He was born in Cleveland, Ohio, and later lived in San Antonio, Texas.

Furthermore, he was one of the Stixx gang members in SouthSide’s city and used BSV as the name.

While Gentry was in South Korea, he was incarcerated for fraud of about one million dollars.

He was later set free and allowed to return to Fort Hood, Texas, after being provided with proof of compensation.

Gentry’s financial predicament influenced his decision to join the military.

Growing up, Savage loved music and started making mixtapes named BTB Savage in the late 2000s.

In addition to the legal issues, the life of BTB Savage has also been of much controversy, and now, due to his recent death, many people are searching for his wiki to learn about him.

BTB Savage Wiki: Rapper Full Story Viral On Reddit, Instagram

Since BTB Savage was a rising rap star, wiki had yet to dedicate a page to his name.

So, the wiki article of BTB Savage will give you the whole story about his death and the personal life that his wiki might have provided.

BTB Savage was famous for having been involved in an act of self-defense where, together with his girlfriend, they decided to shoot a man who tried to rob them.

The story reached Reddit, which provoked emotionally heated debates about his actions.

Sticking his neck out, Savage reportedly posted a gory picture from the scene on his Instagram page.

BTB Savage's mother Bernita Ward.
BTB Savage’s mother was the one who told him to delete the picture. (Source: DailyMail)

Several days after the post, he was fatally shot in Houston, Texas, on March 30, 2023.

His body was found in his car in Mid Lane around 6:10 pm, dead from multiple gunshot injuries.Court filings expose a complicated murder scheme.

Earlier, suspect Montreal Burley rented a black Subaru in San Antonio with Florida plates four days prior.

It appeared on an I-10 license plate reader heading to Houston 26 hours before the event.

The day before, Burley’s cell phone pinged near Savage’s Westcreek Lane apartment.

Later, someone traced Subaru going back to San Antonio. According to his phone, he returned home in New Braunfels by 11 pm.

At the crime scene, investigators found dozens of spent bullets, suggesting a planned incursion.

Police investigation of BTB Savage’s Murder case is still going on and they might soon reveal the murderer’s details.

As American rapper BTB Savage had to die early, Wiki might soon cover his life story to make it easy for his fans to learn about him.

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BTB Savage Girlfriend And Relationship Status

BTB, aka Darrell Gentry, had a girlfriend with whom he raised a child.

They never precisely publicized the inception point of their relationship and her name.

Likewise, the couple received mass media attention after experiences such as being the victims of a home invasion.

In several interviews, Savage’s girlfriend narrated the story of how several unknown assailants ambushed them.

She encountered an intruder who aimed her with shots not once but twice but without success.

BTB Savage showing money.
BTB Savage’s murder case has been a constant reminder of the potential danger. (Source: DailyMail)

Surprisingly, she was strong enough to defend herself and Savage’s family.

The story gained incredible momentum as it spread on Reddit and the rest of the internet.

She went public to share her story, talking candidly about losing Savage and why she joined OnlyFans.

Her vulnerability was her secret weapon, which let online observers into her journey and mesmerized them.

Savage, his girlfriend, and their 4-year-old son resided in San Antonio, Texas.

Even though they went through controversies and hardships, their love appeared uninterrupted until Savage demise, an untimely death.

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