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Carlo Ancelotti Weight Loss Journey: Illness And Health 2023

Carlo Ancelotti’s remarkable weight loss journey has not only improved his physical well-being but has also become an inspiration for others.

Carlo Ancelotti, the renowned football manager, has had an impressive career in football. 

However, his achievements extend beyond the pitch. Ancelotti’s journey includes a notable weight loss transformation that has improved his overall well-being. 

In addition to shedding excess weight, he has made significant changes to his lifestyle and diet. 

Let’s delve into Ancelotti’s weight loss journey and discover the factors contributing to his success.

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Carlo Ancelotti Weight Loss Journey

Carlo Ancelotti’s impressive weight loss journey has transformed his physical appearance and revitalized his overall well-being.

During a training session, Ancelotti demonstrates his skills with a ball by kicking it. (Source: dailymail.co.uk)

Ancelotti openly admits that he had struggled with his weight for a long time. At his heaviest, he weighed around 100 kilograms (220 pounds). 

One of the primary catalysts for Ancelotti’s weight loss was his commitment to a new diet. Upon consulting with a dietician at the training ground, he received a personalized diet plan. The plan emphasized cutting out certain foods from his daily intake, including pasta, bread, sugar, and oil. 

By adhering to this strict diet, Ancelotti could gradually reduce his weight and improve his overall health.

It is important to note that Ancelotti’s weight loss journey wasn’t solely focused on dieting. He also made efforts to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Regular exercise played a crucial role in his transformation. 

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As a football manager, Ancelotti had always been familiar with the significance of physical fitness, and he incorporated exercise into his daily routine.

Carlo Ancelotti Illness And Health 2023

In 2023, Carlo Ancelotti continues to prioritize his health and undergo regular check-ups to monitor any potential illnesses related to his past playing career.

The Everton manager has openly expressed concerns about developing dementia and motor neuron disease (MND) due to his treatment during his playing days in Italy. 

He specifically mentioned his worries about MND, citing the case of his former teammate Stefano Borgonovo, who passed away at 49 after being diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). 

Ancelotti acknowledged that players from his generation had concerns about the treatments they received to recover from injuries. While he remains uncertain about the specifics of his treatment, Ancelotti emphasized the importance of supporting research for the future to ensure the well-being of current players. 

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He revealed that he undergoes annual checks for any illnesses related to his playing career, and although he faces some physical limitations, he feels overall healthy.

Carlo Ancelotti To Manage Brazil From 2024

The renowned Italian coach, Carlo Ancelotti has been appointed as the future head coach of Brazil’s national team since 2024. 

The tweet from EuroFoot (@eurofootcom) states that Carlo Ancelotti will become the manager of the Brazil national team starting from Copa America 2024. (Source: Twitter)

The Brazilian Football Confederation announced that Ancelotti would fulfill his existing contract with Real Madrid before taking charge of the “seleção” in June 2024 for Copa America. 

This opportunity marks Ancelotti’s first venture as the head coach of a national team in his illustrious coaching career. He will succeed Tite, who stepped down from the position following Brazil’s quarter-finals defeat to Croatia in the 2022 FIFA World Cup. 

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This appointment brings great anticipation for Ancelotti’s impact on the future success of the Brazilian national team.


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