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Carly Waddell Wikipedia: Why People Search For Evan Bass Ex-Wife?

The former Bachelorette Carly Waddell has undergone many changes since her initial appearances on the show. She and Evan Bass have gone their separate ways. Let’s get to know more about the Wikipedia of Carly Waddell.

Carly Waddell is a famous personality in the entertainment world, and she is an actress, singer, songwriter, model, influencer, and blogger.

She was born in 1985, October 11, in Texas, America, which makes her 38 years old as of 2023.

Carly is a highly educated woman with a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts in Musical Theatre Performance from the University of Oklahoma.

Waddell was always destined to become a famous person with her multiple talents.

Now that she has become one, netizens can’t help but want to know more about the Wikipedia of Carly Waddell.

Carly Waddell Wikipedia: Journey From Bachelor Stardom To Divorce Drama

Carly rose to fame by appearing on Bachelor in Paradise as a Bachelor.

Her first appearance on the Bachelor series was in its 19th season.

On the season, she was so good that the producers brought her again for two seasons of the Bachelor in Paradise.

Carly Waddell insta
Carly Waddell has come a long way after her fame in the Bachelor. (Source: Instagram)

It was in the show that she found love with Evan Bass, who she married in 2017.

Besides her reality show appearances, Carly was initially a very active internet personality.

She had her own YouTube channel, which she opened in 2012 on August 10, where she shares various content like vlogs, challenges, etc.

Up until now, her channel has been able to get more than 27k subscribers.

Regarding her social media presence, Carly also has a huge following on Instagram, with over 1 million fans on the platform.

Carly Waddell Wikipedia
Carly Waddell and Evan Bass are co-parenting and are on good terms. (Source: Instagram)

On her TikTok, Carly has over 5k followers, where she shares fun videos and lessons for toddlers.

Talking about her family, she is not the only child of her parents, and she has two brothers, Zak and Denton Waddell.

However, Carly’s life hasn’t always been full of joy. She has had her fair share of challenges.

One challenge she faced, which was also very public, was her divorce from Evan Bass.

Evan Bass and Carly Waddell met on the show Bachelor in Paradise.

Carly Waddell has no dedicated Wikipedia page despite all these talks and limelight.

But we do hope, in the future, Carly Waddell will have a separate Wikipedia page with her struggles and success stories.

Evan & Carly’s Surprise Divorce Announcement In 2020 Leaves Fans Stunned

After three years of tying the knot, Evan and Carly separated in 2020 on December 23.

Many of their common fans from the show were left in shock because many thought the couple was the end game.

We can also assume that people search for Evan Bass’s ex-wife because Evan and Carly had a very good relationship.

It is not only because of their amazing compatibility but also because they have two kids together.

Evan and Carly have a daughter named Isabella and a son named Charlie.

Carly has even shared a video on her YouTube channel where she says that the decision to end their marriage came after a long struggle to make it work.

Carly Waddell kids
Netizens love seeing posts about Carly and her kids. (Source: Instagram)

The couple went into many therapies, hoping to come together again.

Carly also shares that the last two years of their marriage were very hard for her and Evan.

Her YouTube video shows a room in her new home called the Divorce room. It was where Evan told her that he wanted a divorce.

Not only Carly but Evan Bass has also spoken up about the divorce.

In his statements, Evan says that it was a huge transition for their relationship to go from a reality show to real life.

He hints that the relationship was not as easygoing as it was on the show.

Evan also shed light on how he and Carly were having communication issues and how their values did not match.

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