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Does Zoro Like Robin? One Piece Friendship Turned Love Interest

Even minor interactions between characters spark theories of their pairing. As Zoro and Robin have been crewmates for a while, fans wonder if they like each other.

One Piece has gained popularity over the years with its brilliant characters and their stories.

While touching major genres like adventure and action, romance has never been at the centre of the series.

However, the fandom has devoted itself to pairing characters with potential interest in one another.

The One Piece has a side of the internet flooded with fan art and fan fiction of their favorite couples of all kinds.

Now, for a long time, many have wondered if the Straw Hat crew members Zoro and Robin like each other.

Does Zoro Like Robin? One Piece Friendship Turned Love Interest

Among many characters in the series, Zoro and Robin are two of the most popular ones.

Roronoa Zoro is the main fighter of the Strawhat Pirates and is recognized as the right-hand man of Luffy.

Further, as a master of the Three Sword Style technique, he is one of the strongest people in the One Piece universe.

Formerly a bounty hunter, Zoro was the first person to join Luffy for his adventures.

Zoro and Robin stand with each other
Fans want to see the development of relationships among characters. (Source: Instagram)

Similarly, the Devil Child, Nico Robin, joined the crew at the end of Alabasta Arc and bears the Hana Hana no Mi fruit.

Moreover, Robin is one of the two people in the world known to have the ability to read the Poneglyphs.

Both Zoro and Robin are powerful members who rely on each other during troubles.

So, readers have speculated the friendship is turning into a love interest, relying on their bonding.

Zoro looking at his crewmate
Zoro is protective of his friends, including Robin. (Source: Reddit)

But no official statements have been made regarding whether Robin is the love interest of the swordsman or not.

Nonetheless, if we go through the story, we can find a lot of evidence that suggests their relationship.

While Zoro was skeptical about a new crewmate initially, he has developed a good relationship with the Devil Child.

In many instances, they have saved each other from the enemy, hinting at the possible interest.

Tiny bits of interaction between Zoro and Robin have created a consistent build-up of friendship and potential romance.

However, the Pirate Hunter has never shown any interest romantically in any female character introduced in the story.

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The Pirate Hunter And Devil Child: Fan Theories And Other Pairings

Despite the author’s intention to never create romance among the Straw Hats, fans seem to think otherwise.

Many readers think that Zoro is the most compatible guy in the series with his crewmate.

Further, they are the only mature ones in the crew and get along well with each other.

Robin eats together with Zoro
Fans find similarities between Zoro and Robin’s personality. (Source: Instagram)

As a person who shares his opinion rarely, The Pirate Hunter slowly began lowering his guard and talking to Robin.

This style of slow-building trust is typical of many romantic relationships and has a hard-to-dismiss appeal, according to other readers.

Moreover, another theory draws similarities between their personality, making them respectful and supportive pairs.

However, some disagree with this fan-made shipping, claiming Robin does not need a man for herself.

The Pirate HUnter shields his friend from attack
With his three sword styles, Zoro is one of the most powerful characters. (Source: Twitter)

But this has not stopped fans from pairing Robin with characters other than the three-style swordsman.

Fans often pair Robin with Franky, another Straw Hat member, due to their consistent dynamic.

Further, he played a huge part in helping Robin find her will to live when they were both captured by the CP9.

On the other hand, readers love to pair Zoro with Tagashi, who mysteriously looks like his childhood friend.

Likewise, she also shares her interest in swords with the former bounty hunter.

However, none of these pairings are canon, as the author likes to steer away from the topic of romance.

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