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Are Hakari And Kirara Dating? JJK Love Relationship Theories

In a manga series known for its action-packed drama, Jujutsu Kaisen, Hakari, and Kirara are seen spending a lot of time together. But are they dating, or what might be their relationship theory?

Japanese famous writer and director Gege Akutami has crafted JJK, or Jujutsu Kaisen, with great passion and profession.

It appeared in an issue of Shueisha’s manga magazine Weekly Shōnen Jump in March 2018.

As of October 2023, they’ve released 24 tankōbon volumes containing its chapters.

In December 2018, they compiled it into a tankōbon volume and named it Jujutsu Kaisen. By July 2023, the Jujutsu Kaisen manga had over 80 million copies.

Including related novels and digital copies in circulation, making it a manga series of all time.

With its rising popularity, JJK fans are now shipping Hakari and Kirara and are wondering if they are in love.

Are Hakari And Kirara Dating? JJK Love Relationship Theories

The two most popular sorcerers in the manga series of JJK are Hakari and Kirara.

Kinji Hakari is a third-year student at Kyoto Jujutsu High School and a Kamo Clan member.

Hakari is famous for his calm personality and strong curse techniques.

He wields a Jackpot technique, which gives him immense strength, physical power, and toughness.

JJK manga screenshot
Kirara is mostly known for their fierce loyalty and companionship with Kinji Hakari. (Source: Reddit)

Meanwhile, Kirara Hoshi is also a third-year Toyko Jujutsu High School student.

She uses the curse technique called Heavenly Revelation to look into future events.

Hakari and Kirara bother are powerful jujutsu sorcerers who rely on each other company whenever in battle.

Charles fighting with hakari
Kinji Hakari is a very self-absorbed person who cares little for the rules and regulations of Jujutsu High. (Source: Fandom)

Fans have speculated the dating relationship between Hikari and Kirara, relying on their relationship and bonding.

No official statements have been verified regarding whether they are dating or not.

However, if we go through the series, we can find a lot of hints and pieces of evidence that suggest their relationship.

Spending a lot of time together and going and coming out of school justifies that Hakari and Kirara are in a relationship.

Hakari adore people fever.
Hakari was ranked 54th in the 1st Manga Character Popularity Poll with 101 votes. (Source: Reddit)

Similarly, they greatly care about each other and nourish their relationship affectionately.

Furthermore, they are of the same age and read in the same school and level.

They also follow similar interests in jujutsu sorcerers, making their bonding strong and deeper emotions for each other.

What Fans Have To Say About Hakari And Kirara?

The fan-created relationship between Hakari and Kirara has different theories that they can develop in the future.

In accordance with fans’ reactions, Hakari and Kirara can date each other in the future because of the points listed above.

Also, they spend a lot of time together, possibly leading to them falling in love.

Fans debate over Reddit says when Hakari mentions his Ex-girlfriend, Kirara immediately responds to him and says, “Don’t talk about her!”

Hakari and Kiara spending time together
Kirara appears to have a high amount of cursed energy with an advanced understanding of how to apply it. (Source: Twitter)

Another theory fans have generated is that because they are jujutsu sorcerers, they can come close and bond a strong love connection.

Further, some fans have disputed feelings over their relationship as they have never shown romantic feelings for each other.

The Internet also speaks that they could turn into rivals as they had never shown their team up to complete a mission.

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