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Celena Morrison & Husband Darius Arrest Video: What Happened?

LGBTQ rights advocate Celena Morrison and her husband, Darius McLean, are all over the Internet for their viral arrest video, and people are curious to know more about the situation.

Celena Morrison is the executive director of the Office of LGBTQ Affairs in Philadelphia.

She is famous for being the first transgender person to lead a city department in the USA.

Throughout the years, she has gained much popularity and support from the trans community for her contributions.

From providing education and support to advocating for transgender rights, Celena has done much for the community.

However, Celena Morrison is currently all over the headlines not for her good deeds but for a trending video of her arrest.

Celena Morrison And Husband’s Viral Arrest Video Raises Questions Of Racial Profiling

The video of Celena Morrison and her husband’s arrest goes viral online.

In the video, a Pennsylvania State trooper pulls over the Grey Infinity car that Celena Morrison was driving.

According to the police trooper, he pulled her over for multiple traffic violations.

While the state trooper and Celena Morrison’s confrontation occurred, another car pulled behind them.

Celena Morrison Husband attacked
Celena Morrison’s supporters say that no matter what, the police should have been patient. (Source: Twitter)

The car was a Green Dodge, and inside there was Darius McLean, the husband of Celena Morrison.

The whole incident took place on the Vine Street Expressway in Pennsylvania.

In the video, Celena Morrison discusses the traffic violation with the police trooper as Darius McLean joins in.

Darius McLean then starts arguing with the officer about the whole incident.

The situation worsens, and the state trooper stands over him.

Darius McLean tells the trooper,

Please stop no it’s because I’m black.

The officer replies to him by saying, “It’s not because you are black.”

Celena Morrison in pink hirt
Celena Morrison’s years of work for the LGBTQ community have led to her arrest video becoming viral. (Source: Twitter)

Meanwhile, Darius McLean refuses to believe the situation is only because of the traffic violations.

While the state trooper is handling Darius McLean, his wife, Celena Morrison, tries to make the police let go of her husband.

However, it does not work out, and this state trooper asks her to turn around.

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Outcry As Celena Morrison And Darius McLean’s Arrest Video Sparks Investigation

The camera seems to fall and record the conversations only.

In the viral arrest video, we can then hear Darius McLean asking his wife, Celena Morrison, to stop trying to de-escalate things.

Celena Morrison also says,

It’s OK it’s because they don’t know who we are.

The police officer then goes on to arrest both Celena Morrison and Darius McLean, which was also captured in the video.

Some time after the arrest, the video was uploaded on the Internet by the sister of Celena Morrison.

Celena Morrison arrest video
Celena Morrison’s family or friends have not come forward with any statements about the situation. (Source: Twitter)

It went viral, and many people started questioning the whole situation.

This situation has once again shed a bright light on police conduct.

People on the Internet suggest that a state trooper should not handle any citizen like that.

Meanwhile, the district attorney’s office is to conduct a thorough investigation.

One of the District Attorneys, Larry Krasner, says they won’t charge until the investigation is completed.

Law enforcement is also looking for public support and asking if there are any pieces of evidence or pictures.

Meanwhile, the mayor of Philadelphia has not made any statements yet.

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