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Chompy And The Girls Wikipedia And Plot Summary

Released in 2021, Chompy And The Girls has started to get traction, so here’s the whole Wikipedia about the movie, its plot, and more.

The trailer of the Chompy And The Girls was released on YouTube on September 2, 2021, on the Freestyle Digital Media channel. It’s also the studio behind the making of the film.

Just 12 days later, on September 14, 2021, the movie was released in the United States.

Directed by a young, promising director, Skye Braband, as a directorial debut, Chompy And The Girls is a bizarrely hilarious movie that has received mixed reactions from critics.

Some think that the movie is actually good, but many rate the movie low.

It’s evident if you look at the IMDB score of the movie.

Regardless, here’s the whole Wikipedia of the movie Chompy And The Girls.

Chompy And The Girls Wikipedia And Plot Summary

As for the Wikipedia of Chompy And The Girls, let’s see the plot summary first.

One day, Sam Gladwell, a middle-aged man, receives a surprising text from Addy Jackson, claiming to be his daughter.

When they meet, they discover that she was born from a relationship Sam had 24 years ago. While chatting in the park, they witness a man across the street who swallows a young girl.

Later, the same man shows up at Jackson’s place, causing her to panic.

Seeking help, Jackson abducts Sam at knifepoint. The man with a giant mouth, nicknamed Chompy, pursues them.

Chompy And The Girls boy and girl cast
Skye Braband directed his first movie, Chompy And The Girls. (Source: IMDB)

To seek assistance, they turn to JaJackson’sriend, Lotus, but he accidentally passes out after consuming a roofie.

They then encounter Birch, a young girl wandering on the street.

As Chompy follows them, they realize that he’s not the true threat. It turns out that Birch is the real danger, turning everyone she meets into identical little girls.

They manage to stop her just after she transforms Steve’s foot into a child’s foot.

Together, they go on a mission to halt the army of Birches.

However, Deborah, SaSam’sife, accidentally runs over Chompy, who could have stopped Birch.

With that, the movie ends. The film’s strange and comical elements become even more puzzling because the movie doesn’t provide clear explanations.

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Chompy And The Girls Cast

The Wikipedia of Chompy And The Girls is incomplete without going into who played who.

Numerous people are involved in making the movie.

Chompy And The Girls monster guy
Chompy And The Girls has 5.4-star reviews on IMDB. (Source: Rotten Tomatoes)

As per IMDB, here are the cast members that appeared on the screen of the movie with the character they portrayed:

  • Christy St. John – Jackson
  • Steve Marvel – Sam
  • Julie Dolan – Deborah
  • Seneca Paliotta – Birch
  • Hari Williams – Lotus
  • Reggie Koffman – Chompy
  • Sarah de Leon – Genevieve
  • Alan Macchiarolo – Pill Creep Beard Boy
  • Emily Gimbel – Party Hat Girl
  • Kyle Harrington – Double Cigarette Jonny
  • Kelsi Teramae – Kakie the Waitress
  • Amanda Remy – Spanish Toothache Girl
  • Lon Gowan – Screaming Businessman

Apart from that, there’s also the voice actor for Chompy, which Udo Kier did.

If we go behind the scenes, then Skye Braband, Sarah de Leon, and Marty Lang were the producers, while Chelsea Fenton, Seneca Paliotta, and Amanda Remy were the associate producers.

There was also Alan Macchiarolo and Analía Rey, who were the executive producers, while Shamola Kharkar was the line producer.

Bryan D did the music. Arata and the casting was by Terry Berland.

There are also lots of other people who were involved in the making of the movie who have been credited on the same IMDB movie page.

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