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Who Is Chrisean Rock Boyfriend Now? Mystery Boy In Her Insta Profile Photo

Chrisean Rock is a popular rapper in the music industry who has moved on with Blueface as her Instagram profile can be seen with a new picture, and fans have started to speculate who Chrisean Rock boyfriend is now.

A popular American singer and reality tv star, Chrisean Rock, is famous for her Rap style.

Chrisean got her spotlight after she performed with Blueface in the music industry as an artist.

Besides her career in music, she has also made her appearance in Fox channel’s game show Ultimate Tag.

With over 350K subscribers, Youtube channel of Chrisean Rock has almost 4,91,000 plus views in a total of her videos.

However, her recent news of pregnancy went viral, and she has kept her relationship secret.

Now, her Instagram profile has a new DP with the mystery man, which has led many fans to speculate about who her new boyfriend is.

Who Is Chrisean Rock Boyfriend Now? Mystery Boy

Chrisean Rock has gained a huge fanbase and respect, achieving this much at her young age.

But as the news is trending over the internet, fans are demanding her boyfriend’s details.

While many fans are happy and excited to learn about Chrisean Rock boyfriend now, some are commenting on her.

Fans comment they are happy for Chrisean, while some are also worried that she’s moving on too quickly from Blueface.

Similarly, another fan replied that she needs to make sure that she’s really over him before she starts dating someone new.

Chrisean Rock in blue dress
Chrisean Rock makes lip-sync videos on TikTok. (Source: Instagram)

Her profile is filled with comments like, I’m excited to learn more about Chrisean’s new boyfriend.

She has also well-wishers saying, I hope he’s a good guy who will treat her right.

On the other hand, she has changed her Instagram Profile picture, which also denotes that Chrisean Rock has a new boyfriend now.

Chrisean Rock new Youtube video is out, where she mentioned the Blueface is not more on the list.

So who is the Chrisean Rock boyfriend now? The question still stands.

Her collaboration with Lil Mabu can be seen on her Instagram, where she also posted a picture with him.

Chrisean Rock recording with Mabu
Chrisean Rock has also appeared in many music videos and television series. (Source: Instagram)

She calls him his new BAE in the other video she posted about in her Instagram Reels.

Does this mean singer and Rapper Lil Mabu is Chrisean Rock Boyfriend Now? Or is he the mystery man in her Instagram profile picture?

Early Life Of Chrisean Rock Before Fame

Chrisean Rock was born on March 14, 2000, in Baltimore, Maryland, USA.

She is just 22, living in America, following Christian ethics, and having Pisces as her zodiac sign.

Chrisean is a musician and songwriter, with her profession debuting with her single Lonely in 2022.

She comes from a big family in Baltimore where her father was in the Military, and her mother was a homemaker.

She is not open about her family and parents; however, she also has 11 siblings from her parent.

After her graduation from Brainerd High School, She decided to focus her career on singing and modeling.

Further, in 2022, she was dating famous rapper Jonathan Porter, who also goes by the stage name Blueface.

Chrisean Rock with long hair
Chrisean Rock inked Blueface’s tattoo on her neck. (Source: Instagram)

Chrisean first relationship started with Blueface when they were recording her song.

She also had a baby from Blueface, but later, in 2022, she separated from him and led a single life.

Currently, she is known to be unmarried and manages her relationship to keep it secret.

There was a video uploaded to the internet that showed the fight between these two on the street of Hollywood.

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