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Who Was Kyle McMahan, Heather McMahan Father? Dead Dad Club

Heather McMahan is an American stand-up comedian, podcaster, and actress. Her father, Kyle McMahan, is no less famous than Heather. He is actually a big name himself.

The Hollywood career of Heather McMahan in the entertainment industry began after her rise to fame through her Instagram account.

She is currently working on a half-hour sitcom, Good Grief, which airs in Peacock12.

Heather’s talent expands way beyond comedy, and she has made appearances in various movies like Ex-Mass, Loving You is Wrong, and many more.

The actress, however, does not like to take full credit for all her success in the industry and says that most of it is due to her father, Kyle McMahan’s support.

Who Was Kyle McMahan, Heather McMahan Father?

Kyle McMahan was born and grew up in the land of Atlanta, Georgia, to parents Captain Jack and Sally McMahan.

He grew up as the youngest son in a close-knit family who he extremely admired.

Everyone who knew Kyle described him as a man who was always so happy and upbeat.

Heather McMahan and her father
It seems like Heather McMahan and her father had such a great bond. (Source: Instagram)

Among many things that he loved to do, flying planes was his favorite.

It was maybe because his father, Jack, was a Delta Captain.

Apart from exploring the heights in the planes, he was also a big fan of the famous Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets, a college football team.

Heather McMahan father, Kyle, was a big fan of sports, and along with football, he also had an immense love for golf.

Not only a sports and plane fanatic, Kyle was also a very successful businessman.

He had started a company called the Info1 Credit Reporting Agency.

The company was running on a small scale at the beginning, but with time and his amazing leadership, it became huge.

Heather McMahan Mom and dad
Heather McMahan’s mom and dad were such a lovely couple. (Source: Instagram)

His love for flying was not just limited to his personal interests, and he began a company called The Pilot’s Country Club.

The company was for people like Kyle himself with a love for flying and airplanes.

The people could gather at the PDK airport and share amazing stories and experiences of flying.

Kyle McMahan: A Life Fueled by Passion and Family

It may look like Kyle left the credit business for his love and passion for other things, but it was not true.

Before his passing, Kyle famously became a part of the Avantus team to reexplore his passion for finance and credit reporting.

Heather McMahan father was a great soul who was very active in helping people with needs.

He became a part of a charity held by Angel Flight, which provides free air travel.

Not for everyone, for people who need it for their medical treatment but cannot afford it.

Heather McMahan Father
The family looks so beautiful together and so happy. (Source: Instagram)

While all these facts about him are about his public life and endeavors, Kyle was also known for being a family man.

He was extremely proud of his 31-year-long marriage with his wife, Robin.

Not only his wife but his daughters Ashley and Heather were the stars of his life.

Kyle McMahan was a great father to both Heather and Ashley and was very vocal about feeling so lucky to have such an incredible family.

He has shown his gratefulness to his wife, Robin, for helping him find balance in life and always supporting him.

The beautiful family, however, had to face the law of nature when Kyle McMhan unfortunately lost his life in December 2015.

Even after his passing, his legacy lives on, especially through his wife and daughters.

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