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Craig Conover Wikipedia, Age: Southern Charm Cast Net Worth

Craig Conover is more than a Reality TV star; he has his own pillow company and a law firm; however, he rose to the limelight for starring in the TV series Southern Charm, leading to a broad internet surge for his details via Wikipedia.

Craig Conover is a famous American television personality, businessman, and attorney.

He was born on February 9, 1989, in Fenwick Island, Delaware, United States.

He is famous for his appearance in the reality TV show SouthernCharm.

Not only that, but Craig has also worked in various television series like Summer House, Winter House, The Dominick Nati Show, and many more.

Nevertheless, the life of Craig Conover is way beyond his television fame; his success in many endeavors makes his Wikipedia fascinating and a good read.

Craig Conover Wikipedia: Juggling Pillow Ventures, Legal Practice, and Controversies

When Craig is not working for the reality shows, he is busy focusing on his business.

He owns a pillow company named Sewing Down South and is also the CEO of another company, Apex Principles, Inc.

Another very interesting thing about him is that he is also an attorney and owns a law firm. 

Southern Charm star Craig Conover smiling
Southern Charm star Craig Conover loves interacting with his fans through his social media accounts. (Source: Twitter)

Further, it’s needless to say that he is a TV personality. And with that status, he has quite a good followers on his social media platforms. He also has separate accounts for his pillow company and law firm.

With such an active professional life, the multi-talented Craig Conover earns around $400k annually at age 34.

Further, being a media person, Craig Conover has also been the talk of the town for several scandals for which people seek his details through Wikipedia.

Sometime before, the Southern Charm star was controversial for having beef with his other co-star, Austen Kroll.

The two former best friends had a fallout after a rumor started surfacing on the internet.

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Reason For Feud Between Craig Conover & Austen Kroll Explored

According to the reports, Austen was talking behind Craig. He was allegedly spreading false rumors about Craig’s personal life including the details of his relationship with various women.

The fans of the show Southern Charm were confused about the whole drama and why Austen would do such things.

The confusion was cleared when it was revealed that Austen and Craig were in love with Kristin Cavallari.

The tension got even bigger when Craig revealed that he and Kristin spent time together.

Craig Conover standing with his hands in his pant's pocket
Craig Conover has a very charming personality. (Source: Twitter)

Despite all these differences in the past, Craig and Austen are allegedly on good terms now.

They have shared things between them in private. However, the whole drama has left Craig with an image of a casanova.

Fans were also shocked after his confession of hooking up with his ex-girlfriend Naomie Olindo.

Naomie Olindo is also the original cast member of the show Southern Charm.

Some of his actions in the show may have made his fans switch up on him.

They want him to remain the sweet, innocent charmer he was at the show’s beginning show.

However, despite all these controversies and feuds in the past, he remains one of the most beloved cast members of the show. As a result, people surge for the Wikipedia page of Craig Conover.

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