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Queen Noor And Queen Rania Relationship Surges With Interview

The royalties, Queen Noor and Queen Rania, sparked the interest of many regarding their relationship with each other after a recent interview.

Noor Al Hussein is an American-born Jordanian activist born on August 23, 1951.

She married King Hussein of Jordan and was the Queen of Jordan until her husband died in 1999.

Now, Noor is the president of the United World Colleges movement of anti-nuclear weapon proliferation campaign.

Meanwhile, Rania Al Abdullah comes from a Palestinian background.

She has been married to the current King of Jordan, Abdullah II Bin Al Hussain, the stepson of Queen Noor, since 1993.

Further, Rania became the Queen after her husband claimed the throne following King Hussein’s death.

Since then, there have been questions about the relationship between Queen Noor and Queen Rania as people search for answers.

Queen Noor And Queen Rania Relationship Surges With CNN Interview

Following the recent interview of Queen Rania, curiosity about her relationship with the former Queen Noor surges.

After the death of his fourth wife, King Hussein met and married the then-27-year-old Noor Al Hussein.

As Queen Noor has admitted, in many instances, it was not an easy decision for her to become the wife of the King.

Queen Noor with the king
Queen Noor married King Hussein when she was 27 years old. (Source: Facebook)

Similarly, it was difficult for Queen Rania to be royalty as she came from an ordinary background.

She met Prince Abdullah II at a party thrown by the prince’s sister and instantly fell in love.

Meanwhile, after the King’s death, Prince Abdullah took his place, and six weeks later, the King elevated his wife Rania to the status of Queen.

In addition, Hamzah, the oldest son of Queen Noor, was declared the crown prince.

However, this was not the case for a long time, as the late King already removed Hamzah from the position of crown prince.

Moreover, the oldest son of Queen Rania, Al Hussein, is now next in line to be the new ruler.

This resulted in a tense relationship between Queen Noor and Queen Rania.

Queen Rania with her husband
Queen Rania comes from a common Palestinian background. (Source: Facebook)

Despite having a new ruler in Jordan, Noor kept her title, and everyone still called her the Queen.

Further, Queen Noor and Queen Rania never understood each other, complexing their relationship.

In 2021, tensions finally peaked when accusations of an attempted coup surfaced against Hamzah.

Moreover, authorities accused him of destabilizing the kingdom and placed him under house arrest.

Despite hailing from the Western system, Queen Noor and Queen Rania have a problematic relationship.

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Arab Queen Calls Out Western Media In The Israel-Gaza Conflict

In an interview with Christiane Amanpour, Queen Rania described the Western media coverage of the Israel-Gaza war.

She condemns the double standards in the world today and describes her disbelief.

Further, Rania stated that this is the first time in modern history that there is such human suffering.

Moreover, she is shocked that the world remains silent in calling for a ceasefire.

The latest figure from Gaza put the death toll of Israel strikes at more than 5,000, mostly children.

Queen Rania smiling
Queen Rania slammed the media for their double standards. (Source: Facebook)

Rania added to the tragedy,

I just want to remind the world that Palestinian mothers love their children just as much as any other mother in the world.

Further, the recent interview showed a fierce tone from the 53-year-old Queen on current matters.

During the talk, Rania went as far as to criticize the U.S. president and his public statements about Israel.

Moreover, the interviewer warned the Queen that she would come under much criticism from Israel and its supporters.

However, it did not stop the royalty from speaking her mind.

Queen Rania emphasized that the war dates back 75 years and this is a fight for freedom and justice.

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