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Dana White Dramatic Weight, Muscles Gain: Diet, Workout Routine

The recent appearance of Dana White at the New Year’s Eve party in 2023 has led fans to speculate about potential weight gain. So, did he gain weight? Let’s find that out!

Dana White, a businessman from the United States of America, was born in 1969.

He is the President of a mixed martial arts organization under the famous name Ultimate Fighting Championship or UFC.

He has also participated in the promotional video to kick off major UFC events since 1993.

Moreover, White posts his thoughts and opinions about the UFC or MMA through his video blog on YouTube.

Similarly, in his recent appearance in the UFC, fans noticed something different about him.

As a result, fans of Dana White are now curious whether he has experienced weight gain.

Dana White On Weight And Muscles Gain: Diet & Workout Routine

As a prominent sports and entertainment industry figure, Dana White’s life has often sparked public attention.

With over a decade of industry experience, he has become a role model, and people closely observe any minor changes in him.

Recently, there has been curiosity about whether Dana White has experienced weight gain, and fans are eager to learn the details.

52-year-old Dana White, the UFC boss, reveals his exercise regime and diet to maintain fitness.

Dana White with trump
Dana White is known for his philanthropic efforts and has donated millions to various causes. (Source: Facebook)

He used to do some serious weight lifting but now does cardio, with an interest in flawless movements more than anything else.

Moreover, his fitness program includes the big three, cardio strength training plus circuit.

White also practices swimming laps in his outdoor pool against artificial currents.

Similarly, White starved himself for more than four weeks by cycling his carb intake and working out intensely until the day of the photo session, when he weighed in at 196 pounds.

Likewise, White’s workout routine consists of cardiovascular workouts from Monday to Friday and circuit training on Saturdays.

Dana white in black shirt
Dana White’s father’s name is Dana White Sr., and his mother’s is June White. (Source: Facebook)

Regarding his diet, White eats breakfast and lunch at the office on weekdays while he gets a personal chef to prepare food over the weekend.

Nevertheless, he begins his day with scrambled eggs, sausages, or breakfast sandwiches.

Sources overwhelmingly report weight loss, sparking discussions on the physical transformation of Dana White, while fans remain curious about the potential for weight gain.

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Early Life, Family, And Career Details Of Dana White

Dana White had a hard childhood in Manchester, Connecticut, as his parents did little for their kid’s life, and his early childhood was not easy.

Their mom and her relatives mostly brought up White and his sister Kelly.

Furthermore, his mom was a nurse who moved the family to Las Vegas for better job chances.

Meanwhile, White began working as a boxing coach, taking him to the Ultimate Fighting Championship UFC world.

Dana White in blur shirt
Dana White’s wife’s name is Anne White, also known by her birth name Anne Louise Stella. (Source: Facebook)

His moving to Las Vegas at 17 was another great decision, which put him in a position where he would prosper later.

White met Lorenzo and Frank Fertitta in Las Vegas, who later became his future partners in UFC.

Moving on, White and the Fertitta brothers purchased UFC in 2001 when that opportunity materialized.

Since then, Dana White has played a pivotal role in transforming the UFC into one of the very successful businesses.

During his tenure as the President of UFC, he supervised its expansion, and in 2016, it was sold for billions.

Besides his position in UFC, White ventured into boxing, where he co-promoted the Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor fight match.

White remained the UFC head in 2019, signing another contract. He also tried slap fighting and owns Power Slap, beginning in 2023.

Nevertheless, Dana White’s life from a difficult young age to becoming the boss of UFC is a story of survival and prosperity.

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