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Moxie Jillette Wikipedia, Age: Meet Child Actress Aka Penn Jillette Daughter

We all know the very famous Las Vegas magician Penn Jillette. He has an equally talented child whose name is Moxie Jillette. He is no less than his father. Let’s get to know Moxie Jillette through this Wikipedia article.

Although born as a female, Moxie identifies as a male after her decision to transition in recent years.

Moxie Jillette, whose full name is Moxie Crime Fighter Jillette, like his father, is heavily involved in the entertainment industry. 

Further, he is an actor who has appeared in various TV series like Gambler’s Ballad, The View, and many more. 

The young and rising actor was born in 2005 on June 3rd and has been able to make his own identity apart from being Penn Jillette’s child.

Now, netizens are curious to know more about the personal life and Wikipedia of Moxie Jillette. 

Moxie Jillette Wikipedia: Navigating Transition, Family Bonds & Personal Success

Recently, the spotlight has been shining a lot on Moxie Jillette after his father made revelations about his struggle with his weight and health problems. 

Penn Jillette, in his book Presto: How I Made Over 100 Pounds Disappear and Other Magical Tales, says that most of his life revolves around his kids, including Moxie.

Penn Jillitte and daughter
Penn and Moxie look very much like each other. (Source: Instagram)

Penn has two kids: Moxie Jillette is his first child, and Zoltan Penn, his younger son.

In the book, he also writes that when he found out about his health condition and the risks of losing his life, his first thoughts were about his kids. 

Further, he wanted to spend more time with his children, Moxie and Zoltan Penn.   

While Penn is undoubtedly a wonderful father to Moxie and his brother, Moxie also appears to be a great child to him. 

Moxie also likes people to call him by the name Luca Jillette.

The young actor graduated from the Las Vegas Academy in the year 2023 as a theater deck. 

Moxie Jillette Wikipedia
Moxie Jillette appears to be very confident for her age. (Source: Instagram)

In his Instagram bio, he describes himself as a ‘taken gay boy,’ which suggests that he is romantically involved with another boy. 

Moreover, it is confirmed that he is in a relationship, but we do not know who Moxie is dating or any other details.

Nonetheless, despite the spotlight, Moxie Jillette has yet to have a dedicated Wikipedia page.

But in near future, Moxie Jillette fans will might get to see her Wikipedia page with more personal informations.

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Moxie Jillette’s Journey: From Social Media Stardom To A Confident Transition & TV Success

Moxie has his own TikTok and YouTube account, which goes by the handle @soda_brand13. 

She shares many pictures with his famous father, who also seems to support Moxie’s decision to transition to a male. 

Through his Instagram account, it appears that it hasn’t been long since Moxie’s transition.

Meanwhile, what is extremely heartwarming to watch on his Instagram profile is that Moxie looks extremely confident and happier after his transition. 

Moxie jillitte
Moxie Jillette is a great actress, and her talents are getting recognized as they should. (Source: Instagram)

In recent times, he has made an appearance on the show Matt Donnelly: The Mind Noodler.

Moreover, people really enjoyed his performance on this show, which aired on May 11th and 14th of 2023. 

Moxie and his father, Penn Jillette, share a very close and special bond.

Furthermore, their relationship is more like friendship rather than that of a father and a child. 

So, let’s hope that Moxie Jillette is able to make a big name for himself in the industry like his father, and there will be more achievements to add to his Wikipedia page. 

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