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Darrin Lopez Wikipedia And Age: How Old Is The Murder Case Jennifer Faith Boyfriend?

The cold case of Jamie Faith’s murder is making headlines with its shocking revelations as netizens know Jennifer Faith, the wife, was having an affair with Darrin Lopez. Read this Darrin Lopez Wikipedia article to find out more.

It is sad how often we hear about a murder taking place within a family.

In this case, a woman from Texas, Jennifer Faith, was guilty of the murder of her husband, Jamie ‘James’ Faith.

Darrin Lopez is the boyfriend of Jennifer, who later admitted to being part of the gruesome crime.

He and Jennifer have a long history with each other, as they used to see each other during their high school days.

Darrin Lopez Wikipedia: The Shocking Reunion That Led To Murder

Darrin Lopez used to work in the US Army, and he does not have a Wikipedia page dedicated to his name as of today.

Nonetheless, as per the reports, he is currently 49 years old.

Jennifer and Darrin were not in contact with each other for a long time after high school.

Darrin lopez and Jennifer prom
Darrin and Jennifer never should have been unfaithful to their partners.

The couple broke up and moved on with each other’s lives, marrying different people.

However, their paths had to cross with each other again.

They met each other again in 2020, which, unfortunately, was the beginning of many tragedies.

Jennifer’s husband, Jamie Faith, was working for American Airlines. They had a very stable life, and it seemed like everything in the family was working out for good.

But on the unfortunate day of October 9th, 2020, Jamie was found dead after getting shot while he was on a morning walk with his wife, Jennifer.

Someone shot Jamie seven times, including three times in the head, three times in the chest, and once in the groin.

Jennifer faith and Jamie Faith
Neighbours describe Jennifer and Jamie as a loving couple.

At first, James’ wife, Jennifer, who was present during the incident, revealed the details.

According to her, a person out of nowhere stopped their black pickup truck next to them and started shooting Jamie.

She also added that the attacker could have kidnapped Jennifer as he had a huge roll of duct tape with him and also constantly focused on Jennifer’s jewellery.

However, her story did not sit right with the detectives.

Especially after they discovered that Jennifer was having an emotional affair with her high school sweetheart, Darrin Lopez.

The authorities found out that Jennifer had told Darrin that Jamie was assaulting her and was very abusive towards her.

The Disturbing Tale of Darrin and Jennifer’s Murder Plot

With further investigation, it came to light that Darrin and Jennifer were planning to commit this murder for a long time.

They exchanged 14,000 calls and text messages for the planning.

Darrin Lopez was arrested and charged with the murder in January 2021 by the ATF Special Response Team in Tennessee.

Darrin Lopez
Darrin Lopez will never be able to live a life behind bars now.

The thing that led to the authorities becoming suspicious about Jennifer was her actions after Jamie’s death.

She was asking people for money on GoFundMe for her husband’s funeral.

People were gracious enough to donate her $58,000. However, during the investigation, the revelation about the funeral bills came forward.

Jennifer admitted that she was responsible for her husband’s death on February 7th, 2022.

But, Darrin Lopez’s part in the crime has been a topic of discussion.

Darrin Lopez Wikipedia
Darrin and Jennnifer both also will both be kept in separate prisons.

Darrin was initially in trouble just for the gun-related charges by the federal authorities.

However, it took a long time for him to be proven guilty. He is currently serving his 62-year jail sentence, which was given to him in 2020.

Love can be a very beautiful feeling, but this case has proved it can be equally dangerous and fatal.

Darrin and Jennifer could happily separate from their respective partners.

But they chose the path of crime, leaving both of them for the US authorities to handle.

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