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[SPOILERS] Delicate Condition Novel Wikipedia And Synopsis

The novel Delicate Condition has gained significant attention, yet there is no Wikipedia page for it. Is this to avoid fans from getting spoilers for the recent season of American Horror Story?

Delicate Condition is the latest novel by famous author Daniella Vega. The book is published under the pen name of Daniella Valentine.

Daniella Vega is an American author who uses many pen names in her books.

Before, she had used names like Daniella Rollins and Ellie Rollins in her other published works.

Further, Daniella is famous for her thriller and romance writing style. However, her most famous novel series, Merciless, is of the horror thriller genre.

Moreover, her series of books titled Merciless was even purchased by Lionsgate Films.

Similarly, her recent novel Delicate Condition is no different. Delicate Condition is a psychological thriller, and judging by the rave reviews, it is quite engaging.

[Spoilers] Delicate Condition Novel Wikipedia And Synopsis

The novel is growing in popularity today as one of Daniella’s best works. Despite this, the novel Delicate Condition has yet to have a dedicated Wikipedia page.

However, none of the other published works of Daniella has a Wikipedia page, and this novel, Delicate Condition, seems to be following suit.

Moving on with the basic synopsis of the book, it reveals that Anna Alcott is the character that we are following in Delicate Condition.

Delicate Condition Novel Wikipedia doesn't exist which creates a lack of informations on the author as well
Daniella Valentine’s experience inspired the novel with pregnancy loss and IVF treatments. (Source: Twitter)

Anna Alcott is an indie actress and is quite a popular public figure. She is desperately longing to have a family.

Despite many attempts, there has been no success. Later, Anna also opts for IVF; however, despite this, there is no fruitful result.

With continued effort, Anna begins suspecting that someone near her is trying to make sure she doesn’t have a family.

Anna becomes more paranoid after her medicines are swapped and appointments change without her knowledge.

Now, it is up to the readers to determine if someone is trying to hurt Anna or if she is paranoid.

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[Spoilers] What Happens To Anna’s Pregnancy?

We are now getting into some major spoiler territory as we get to know that Anna does manage to get pregnant.

However, Anna miscarries the pregnancy and is in despair. Anna, surprisingly, though, feels a kick in her belly.

Emma Roberts in Delicate Conditin adaptation
Emma Roberts is a recurring member of the American Horror Story series who is now portraying the role of Anna. (Source: Instagram)

One major character comes later, which is that of Io Preacher, who is a conspiracy blogger.

Another major plot twist comes up: Anna’s close friend Siobhan is a member of the coven witches. She performs a ritual to bring the fetus back from the dead.

Later, Siobhan transfers her soul into Anna’s baby to stabilize the magic ritual she has performed.

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Delicate Condition Novel Heading Towards An Adaptation: American Horror Story

The twelfth season of American Horror Story is based on the novel Delicate Condition. This season has even been titled American Horror Story: Delicate.

The show premiered on September 2023 and will end on October 2023.

American Horror Story adapts the novel Delicate Condition
The show American Horror Story has been nominated for many awards. (Source: Instagram)

This season of American Horror Story is by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk for cable network FX.

This adaptation of the novel Delicate Condition by the show could contribute to why the novel does not have a Wikipedia page.

This could be to prevent fans from searching for the book and finding spoilers for the show.

Moreover, the show has always attracted major faces from Hollywood. And with this season, there seems to be a major casting coup.

Kim Kadarshian in the adaptation of the novel Delicate Condition
Kim Kardashian’s acting career has transitioned from reality TV royalty to the glitzy world of Hollywood’s silver screen. (Source: Instagram)

Further, Kim Kadarshian is one of the leading cast who plays the role of Siobhan.

With Kim being in the show, it has gained significant traction. With this, the search for the novel Delicate Condition on platforms like Wikipedia and Google has seen a considerable rise, too.

This increased attention will help boost the sales of the novel. As well as, fans will want to know beforehand what happens in the show.

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