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Derek Lunsford Wikipedia, Age, Height: Meet Mr Olympia 2023

Following his big win in one of the most prestigious fitness events, fans of Derek Lunsford look for his Wikipedia page, including his physical measurements. Learn more further in the article.

Mr. Olympia is the title awarded to the winner of the professional men’s bodybuilding contest at Olympia Fitness & Performance Weekend.

The competition is held annually and is sanctioned by the IFBB Professional League.

Further, the first Mr. Olympia was held on September 18, 1965, at the Brooklyn Academy of Music.

Larry Scott was the first to win the title, and many have followed his legacy.

Among those is Derek Lunsford, who represented the U.S., and now many are curious about his Wikipedia page.

Derek Lunsford Wikipedia, Age: Meet Mr Olympia 2023

At the beginning of the Wikipedia, let’s explore the personal background of Mr. Olympia, Derek Lunsford.

Derek Lunsford was born on May 14, 1993, in Petersburg, Indiana, to a Christian family.

So, as of 2023, the bodybuilder Derek Lunsford is 30 years old and has maintained an incredible physique.

Derek was a very active child and developed a love for exercise and sports at an early age.

Derek Lunsford Mr Olympia
Derek debuted as an ametuer bodybuilder. (Source: Instagram)

Notably, he chose to play soccer, as well as had a fairly successful high school wrestling run.

However, that changed when he went to college without a wrestling program.

But, Derek did not want to stop athletic endeavors, so he decided to look into other sports.

Later, he began to take an interest in lifting weights, opening the doors to a career in bodybuilding.

With coach James Brown, Derek received the guidance needed to begin seeing some serious gains.

Further, with inspiration from Jay Cutler and Phil Heath, he began working for a world-class physique.

There are many achievements and awards of Derek Lunsford to be noted in his Wikipedia.

Derek Lunsford wikipedia
Derek follows strict training and diet. (Source: Instagram)

At the age of 22, Derek made his amateur bodybuilding debut.

Moreover, he secured the title of NPC Indianapolis Championships in the Men’s Open Welterweight division.

However, during his run as an amateur, Derek took a 12-month break to train, which earned him a pro card in the end.

Following such gain, Derek wasted no time making his professional bodybuilding debut.

After years of hard work, Derek Lunsford recently won the People’s Choice Award and the 2023 Mr. Olympia title.

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Derek Lunsford’s Height & Weight: What Is The Training Regime Of Mr. Olympia?

Fans searched for the Wikipedia of Derek Lunsford to learn more about his height and other physical details.

Derek Lunsford stands at 5 feet 6 inches in height, equivalent to 167cm, and weighs around 108 kg.

Further, he keeps a regular training schedule, with coach Hany Rambod working six days a week.

Derek Lunsford training
Fans were impressed by Derek’s build. (Source: Instagram)

More specifically, Derek focuses much on his abs and legs, along with cardio, at least once a week.

Meanwhile, the bodybuilder regularly does high reps of light weights before a workout to help prevent injury.

However, the workout is fruitless without a proper and balanced meal.

So, Derek took some time to find the right diet plan that worked best for him.

Eventually, he settled on eating every 2-3 hours while including 60g of protein in each meal.

Likewise, Derek also pays close attention to his macronutrients to ensure quick recovery from training.

Moreover, the perfect routine has helped Derek with muscle growth and better gains.

Derek championship
Derek has inspired many to follow their bodybuilding dream. (Source: Instagram)

Such dedication and effort to the sport have aided Derek in his bodybuilding journey.

Similarly, past victories serve as evidence of his abilities, which makes him a strong contender for gold medals in future competitions.

Fans have shown their constant support to the bodybuilding star and pray for more success.

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