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Who Is Emma Corrin, Girl In Standing Next To You Jungkook?

Actress Emma Corrin, famous for her role in Lady Chatterley’s Lover in 2022, recently collaborated with singer Jungkook in the music video ‘Standing Next To You,’ sparking fan curiosity about Emma Corrin & Jungkook’s partnership.

Emma Corrin is renowned for portraying Princess Diana in the hit drama series The Crown.

Hailing from Royal Tunbridge Wells, Kent, England, the 27-year-old is the daughter of Chris Corrin and Juliette Corrin.

She was raised alongside her two younger brothers, Richard and Jonty, in a supportive family environment.

To pursue her passion for acting and dance, she went to the Roman Catholic Woldingham School in Surrey.

Her journey into the entertainment world began in 2019 when she debuted in the ITV detective drama Grantchester, taking on the role of Esme Winiku.

Emma Corrin’s impressive career trajectory continues to captivate audiences worldwide.

Along with her fame & role, she recently stood on the side of the Junkook music video, which has developed a curiosity about Emma Corrin Jungkook’s music video.

Who Is Emma Corrin In Jungkook Music Video?

In Jungkook’s music video, the female lead is none other than the talented English actress Emma Corrin.

Her performance in The Crown not only garnered her immense recognition, but she also earned a prestigious Golden Globe award.

Further, she also got a Primetime Emmy Award nomination since making her debut in the film industry in 2019.

Emma has showcased her acting prowess in numerous films and TV dramas, further solidifying her position in the entertainment world.

The Photoshoot of Emma Corrin.
The Actress Emma Corrin is playing a villain role in the upcoming movie Deadpool 3. (Source: Instagram)

In an exciting development for her fans, Emma revealed that she will take on a villainous role in the highly anticipated Deadpool 3 in 2023.

She is enthusiastic about the challenge and embraces the complexities of her character in the movie.

In 2021, Emma made a significant personal announcement by coming out as non-binary and queer.

She proudly shared a picture of herself wearing a binder.

In her quest for love and connection, Emma recently made headlines by confirming her relationship with Rami Malek.

Emma Corrin hugging her boyfriend Rami Malek.
Emma Corrin and Rami Malek announced their relationship in 2023. (Source: Daily Mail)

Their romance became public when they were spotted sharing an affectionate moment on September 21, 2023, during a summer outing.

Emma Corrin and Rami Malek’s blossoming relationship is indeed one to watch in the world of entertainment.

On the other hand, Emma’s work in the music video Standing Next To You was outstanding and loved by fans.

Fans are comparing the roles of Emma Corrin and Jungkook with Michael Jackson & Lady Diana.

Comparison Of Emma Corrin And Jungkook With Michael Jackson & Lady Diana

Fans are excitedly buzzing as they rediscover BTS star Jungkook’s captivating performance video.

The teaser for his new music video, Standing Next To You, has surprised everyone with its intriguing concept.

Shot on location in Hungary, one standout element was the presence of Emma Corrin.

She is famous for her portrayal of Princess Diana in the historical drama “The Crown.”

Emma Corrin and Jungkook in the music video together.
The song characters Emma Corrin and Jungkook are compared to Lady Diana and Michael Jackson for their personality.

Remarkably, fans have uncovered an interesting historical connection: Princess Diana once met the legendary Michael Jackson.

The dance moves showcased in Jungkook’s music video are drawing comparisons to the iconic singer and dancer Michael Jackson.

Further, this juxtaposition paints a captivating portrait of the two legends, Michael Jackson and Lady Diana.

And BTS and Emma Corrin fans are loving every moment of it.

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