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Devon Bostick Accident, Face injury, Burn rumor: What Happened?

The fans of Devon Bostick want him to tell them about his facial injury and burn; some believe that it is a prosthetic, while others wonder if it is a result of an accident. Let’s explore.

Devon Bostick is a young Canadian actor born in 1991 on November 13.

He is famous for playing the role of Roderick Heffley in the hit movie series Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

His other notable roles are in the film Adoration as Jasper Jordan and the science fiction TV series The 100.

Apart from his amazing acting skills on screen, Devon Bostick is also known for his extremely captivating looks.

He has more than 800k followers on his Instagram, mostly female fans.

Recently, Devon Bostick got them worried after he posted a video on his Instagram with an injury on his face, leaving some assuming that he may have had an accident.

Devon Bostick Shows Up With Face Injury & Burn: Is It An Accident?

Recently, a video of Devon Bostick went viral all over the Internet and has over 11 million views on Instagram.

In the video, Devon Bostick is seen eating a burger while wearing a shirt with a name tag.

The name ‘Danny’ was on the name tag instead of his real name. After seeing the video, his fans are in big confusion.

Devon Bostick accident
Devon Bostick looks like he was enjoying the burger in the Instagram video. (Source: Twitter)

They wonder if the injury on the face of Devon Bostick is caused by an accident.

However, he has not made any statements of having met with an accident up until now.

His casual demeanor in the video has also left some fans believing it may be a promotion for his upcoming film.

They speculate that the injury on the face of Devon Bostick may be an outstanding prosthetic work instead of a result of an accident.

There might be some truth to these speculations because Devon Bostick does not look much bothered by the injury on the video.

Devon Bostick on a red carpet event
Even off-screen, Devon Bostick looks absolutely amazing when he is not playing a character. (Source: Twitter)

He also appears to be acting very differently from his regular self.

This makes some fans believe he plays a character in the video, and the character’s name is Danny.

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Devon Bostick’s Instagram Post Raises Eyebrows: Fans Concern Over Injury

The injury speculation is further growing after Devon Bostick recently posted a picture of him with his girlfriend on his Instagram.

In the recent picture with his girlfriend, he looks completely fine, and the injury has disappeared.

However, due to the lack of a proper statement from Devon Bostick, there is still a lot of confusion regarding the injury.

One fan writes,

I cannot tell if this is real or just a good prosthetic.

Devon Bostick blowing a kiss
Devon Bostick is very charming, and so is his personality. (Source: Twitter)

Other fans appear genuinely worried about Devon Bostick and ask him whether he did indeed get into an accident.

Nonetheless, we will have to wait until he decides to speak about it properly.

Moreover, seeing his fans worry about his well-being is heartwarming.

It shows how genuinely Devon Bostick has been able to connect with his viewers.

His characters in the different movies he has played until now seem to have left a big mark on his fans.

Let’s hope that the assumptions about his injury being a prosthetic are true and Devon Bostick did not meet with an actual accident.

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