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Dj Sumbody Death: Shot To Death In Car, What Happened To Him?

The news about Dj Sumbody Death is trending on Twitter. Do you want to believe that Dj Sumbody is no more with us?

Dj Sumbody was his Music name, and his real name was Oupa John Sefoka, born in the 1980s. 

He is a musician from Pretoria, South Africa. Dj Sumbody started his career as a volunteer producer and presenter before joining the Music industry. 

When he dropped his Monate Mpolaye, he was noticed worldwide. He gained fame and followers after the album; it had 4.9 million current views.

Dj Sumbody Death: Shot To Death In Car

People want the news about Dj Sumnody Death to be false, but unfortunately, the information about him being shot in the car is accurate. 

He was shot to death on November 19, 2022; at night, he went somewhere with his two bodyguards. 

The investigation started in the morning when they found out he was shot at night. 

The shocking part is that he was shot when his two bodyguards were present with him inside the car. 

Many people are concerned about the news; Twitter was trending with the announcement of Sumbody’s death yesterday. 

How can someone be shot to death inside his car along with his bodyguard or both of the bodyguards involved in the case? 

Car of Dj Sumbody where he was shot.
Car of Dj Sumbody where he was shot. (Image Source:Twitter)

We don’t have clear information about his death till now; the investigation has just started. Hopefully, clear news about his death will come soon. 

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News and media have been trying to converse about the case with his family, but they have yet to come to the public. 

Everyone is still shocked to hear the news; people have been commenting differently about the information being fake. 

His followers are trying to process the news, looking at the Twitter news for the first time no one just believed at once.

Still, some of them have been passing condolence to his family and friends. Hopefully, the reason behind the shot and the person behind it will come soon. 

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What Happened to Dj Sumbody? 

Dj Sumbody, the musician, is no more with us; he was shot to death yesterday night when he was going to his apartment with two of his bodyguards. 

He was found dead on the spot; there was no time to take him to the hospital when the incident happened. 

It was a murder case, so the bodyguards of Sumbody called his family and Police first. The reason behind his being shot to death has yet to come. 

People have been concerned to know if he was involved in illegal work with someone, but we cannot confirm the news because the truth has yet to come out. 

Sumbody seems to be doing okay just the day before he was shot; he was not expecting that to happen. 

Tweet from Dj Sumbody's Fans.
Tweet from Dj Sumbody’s Fans. (Image Source: Twitter)

Bodyguards mentioned that they couldn’t even see anyone near him when he was shot; it was very shocking to them as well to see him only being shot inside the car. 

Dj Sumbody is no more with us. Some of his enemies probably shot him; hopefully, he will get arrested anytime soon. 

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