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Ellen Greenberg Documentary: Fiance A Suspect! Death Update

The case of Ellen Greenberg remains shrouded in mystery, while many want a deeper look into the incident with a documentary. What happened to the Philly teacher? Find out the details here!

Ellen Greenburg, hailing from Philadelphia, was a 27-year-old woman who died on January 26, 2011, after sustaining 20 stab wounds.

She was a first-grade teacher at Juniata Park Academy and shared an apartment with her fiance at the time of the incident.

Further, her death occurred at a suspicious time when a horrifying blizzard hit the state.

After leaving work, authorities found Greenburg’s dead body in her apartment, where she was last seen.

Initially, her death was labeled as a suicide, but the mysterious aura surrounds her real story.

To date, people seek the truth about Ellen Greenberg and demand a detailed documentary on the case.

Ellen Greenberg Documentary: Mysterious Death Of School Teacher

Even after years of Greenberg’s case, people seek the real story behind her untimely death.

People have looked for a documentary detailing the minute aspects of Ellen Greenberg and her unfortunate end.

Shortly after the blizzard, the elementary teacher headed home because the school canceled classes.

Ellen Greenberg smiling
Greenberg was making a salad before her incident. (Source: Twitter)

Further, she lived with her fiance, Samuel Goldberg, who headed to the gym while Greenberg rested at home.

However, it was no ordinary day for the couple as Goldberg discovered that someone had latched their apartment door from the inside.

Moreover, he soon became frustrated by the lack of response from his fiance and texted her several times.

Later, the building security refused to open the door for him, which fueled Goldberg’s anger.

Additionally, he forced the door open but saw Greenberg’s lifeless body slumped against a kitchen cabinet.

A 10-inch knife was sticking out of her chest, along with several wounds all over her body.

Likewise, autopsy reports revealed that Greenberg’s body had been stabbed 20 times in areas including her back, abdomen, and neck.

Ellen Greenberg with a purple top
Greenberg had several meetings with a psychiatrist. (Source: Twitter)

Along with that, she had bruises on her arms, indicating the physical abuse she endured before her death.

As investigations progressed, they brought to light her cancer diagnosis and struggle with anxiety.

Moreover, the true crime documentary featured Ellen Greenberg and labeled her suspicious death as suicide.

However, the debate remains over the involvement of her fiance and the unusual wounds all over the teacher’s body.

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Update On Fiance As A Suspect For Her Death: Family Reopens Case

After Ellen Greenberg gained media attention, the suspicion landed on her fiance, who was present at the crime scene.

Further, her wounds didn’t suggest that Greenberg inflicted them upon herself out of rage.

Disturbingly, it appeared that some of her wounds were inflicted after her heart stopped beating.

Ellen Greenberg with her parents
Greenberg’s parents described her as a cheerful person. (Source: Twitter)

If it were a case of suicide, Greenberg would’ve been incapable of moving after the second stab.

Soon, conspiracy theories surrounded the case as netizens rushed to find the culprit of the incident.

During the investigation, the court attempted to rule it as homicide, but later, authorities covered it up as suicide.

But, a lack of evidence closed the case even when the family demanded reinvestigation.

As for Greenberg’s fiance, authorities never arrested or charged him in connection with her death.

Ellen during her school days
Greenberg’s fiance was the primary suspect in the case. (Source: Twitter)

Currently, he has managed to build a new life in New York with his wife and their two children.

Despite revisiting the case, people showed dissatisfaction with the results of the police investigations.

Partly for this reason, they want companies like Netflix to release a documentary to bring justice to Ellen Greenberg.

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