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Emily Austin Author Wikipedia Age: How Old Is Canadian Writer?

Very few writers get recognition for their very first work. Emily Austin is such author who is rising above and beyond after the release of her debut novel. Let’s get to know more about the Wikipedia of Emily Austin Author.

Emily Austin is a famous and rising Canadian author who is known for her unique writing skills.

Her novel Everyone In This Room Will Someday Be Dead has been gathering many praises ever since its release.

The author, Emily, comes from a city rich in history, St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada.

Since the release of her popular novel, the Wikipedia of author Emily Austin has been the topic of curiosity among many.

Emily Austin Author Wikipedia: From Literature To Literary Fame

Everyone that known Emily since her younger days knows that she was always very passionate about learning.

She has not made her birth date public, but we know that she is in her late 20s.

That is the reason she went on to pursue her higher education in English Literature and Religious Studies at Kings’s Univeristy College.

Emily Austin Author Wikipedia
Emily Austin, the author, is very active on her social media, where she connects with her fans. (Source: Instagram)

Her journey in education does not end there. She later also got a degree in Library and Information science from Western University.

This vast background in information science, history, and literature is one of her key backbone as a writer.

Emily was always a very passionate writer, but her professional journey began after the release of her first novel.

Her first novel is the famous ‘Everyone In This Room Will Someday Be Dead.’

This novel has not only made Emily famous but also got her many critical acclaims.

Everyone In This Room Will Someday Be Dead‘ was also long-listed for The Stephen Leacock Memorial Medal for Humor.

This award is a huge deal for writers who have their books written in a humorous genre.

Emily Austin Author writer
Emily Austin, the author, seems like a person who enjoys the little things in life. (Source: Instagram)

Not only that, Emily’s first novel also got shortlisted for the Amazon Novel Awards.

The novel’s glory does not end here, as it was also a finalist for the Ottawa Book Awards.

However, despite all attention and praises for the book, Emily Austin, the author is yet to have a dedicated Wikipedia page.

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A Rising Star In Literary World: Debut Success & Exciting Upcoming Works

The first novel of Emily Austin receiving such accomplishments has already made her a very prominent author.

This just marks the beginning of her writing career, and further, she has two major works that are to be released in 2024.

The first work is her second novel titled ‘Interesting Facts about Space.’ Her second release in 2024 is a book with poems titled ‘Gay Girl Prayers.’

Emily, with just one novel, has also already got herself two writing grants from the Canadian Council of Arts.

Emily’s social media pages have many followers, most of them being her fans. (Source: Instagram)

Even though Emily Austin Author is a rising and famous writer, she had a long journey before.

She used to work at local libraries and also had a teaching job to earn a living.

To add to her Wikipedia, Emily Austin, the author, also has experience working as an information architect.

Currently, Emily lives in Ottawa, and many assume that it is for her to take inspiration from the city rich in history.

Emily Austin Author is not an independent writer as of now, Heather Carr is the one who represents her from The Friedrich Agency.

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