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Where Is Erin Caffey Father Terry Caffey Now? New Family Details

Terry Caffey is a survivor of a family tragedy who found the strength to rebuild his life. And people are now curious to know the whereabouts of the father of Erin Caffey, Terry.

Erin Caffey was born in Alba, Texas, on January 24, 1991. She was raised in a modest family with her parents and two younger brothers.

The family was in connection with their local church, and they had a passion for music. Further, Erin was the vocalist of the family.

In 2008, when Erin was 16, she began dating 18-year-old Charlie Wilkinson. 

However, her parents had reservations about Wilkinson.

When Erin’s parents discovered inappropriate content on Wilkinson’s Myspace page, they insisted she end the relationship.

In response, Erin started talking about killing her parents in front of friends. Moreover, she believed it was the only way she could be with Wilkinson.

Erin Caffey consequently hatched a murderous plot with Charlie Wilkinson and his friend Charles Waid. However, she was arrested on the same day of the murders.

She pleaded guilty and was sentenced to two consecutive life sentences, plus 25 years, on January 2, 2009.

Also, Erin will not be eligible for parole until she serves roughly 40 years of her sentence.

However, the current status of the father of Erin Caffey is a mystery to the public, and they are keen to know where he is.

Where Is Erin Caffey Father, Terry Caffey, Now?

Terry Caffey has shown remarkable resilience and forgiveness in the face of the unimaginable tragedy.

Terry survived the attack and has since been on a journey of healing and forgiveness.

Despite the public interest in his story, Erin Caffey’s father has chosen to keep a low profile.

He may wish to protect his privacy and family or prefer to live out of the public eye.

This serves as a reminder that even individuals in the public eye have a right to privacy.

The father of Erin Caffey during an interview with Dr. Phil
Despite being shot multiple times and his house set on fire, Terry Caffey managed to crawl out of a window and reach his nearest neighbor’s house.

Terry Caffey has stated that Erin has expressed remorse for her actions, and they are currently in contact.

Despite the pain and loss, Terry has found it in his heart to forgive his daughter and continues to visit her in prison.

Today, Terry, the father of Erin Caffey, uses his tragic experience to help others. He speaks to young people about the dangers of running with the wrong crowd.

He has not made his whereabouts publicly known, and information about his current location remains undisclosed.

Understandably, he may maintain his privacy and distance from the spotlight.

As a result, Terry Caffey’s precise whereabouts and activities remain a mystery to the public.

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Who Is Terry Caffey With Now? New Family Details

Just four months after the horrific murders of his family, Terry began dating Sonja.

Despite the pain and heartbreak, the father of Erin Caffey was rebuilding his life with Sonja by his side.

However, Terry, who once found solace and a second chance at love with Sonja, is no longer with her.

Their relationship, which began just four months after the horrific murders of Terry’s first family, ended in divorce.

Despite the end of his marriage to Sonja, Terry did not remain single for long.

He found love again with his third wife, Karen Caffey, his second cousin.

Terry taking a picture with his now wife Karen
When asked where Terry was bleeding from, his neighbor replied, ” Where wasn’t he bleeding from?” (Source: Facebook)

The two got together while Terry was still with Sonja, and Karen was still with the brother of her three children’s father.

Terry’s sister Mary, however, disapproved of their relationship and expressed her feelings in an FB post.

After both of those relationships ended, Terry and Karen married in Memphis, Tennessee. They were expecting a baby boy back in 2014.

In conclusion, while Terry’s relationship with Sonja offered him a second chance at love, it ultimately did not last.

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