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Eugenia Cooney Mom Deb: Wikipedia And Age Of The YouTuber Mother

While Eugenia Cooney, an American YouTuber famous for her emo, gothic looks, is collecting fame from her eating disorder, her mom, Deb, has been a controversial figure for Eugenia. Find out why!

Unlike Eugenia Cooney, her mom, Deb, is not a public figure, so very little information is available online.

Eugenia Cooney mom, Deb, is married to Kevin Cooney, her father, and they live in Greenwich, Connecticut.

Furthermore, they have two children, Eugenia and her older brother, Chip.

Deb is a stay-at-home mom who has been involved in her daughter’s career from the beginning.

While some fans have accused Deb of enabling her daughter’s eating disorder, while others have defended her.

Eugenia Cooney Mom Deb: Wikipedia And Age Of The YouTuber Mother

Deb is thought to be in her early 60s, though she has never publicly disclosed her exact age.

Eugenia Cooney and her mother, Deb, have a close relationship, as she has been very supportive of her daughter’s career.

Moreover, Deb Cooney has been actively involved in her daughter’s career from the very start.

She helped Eugenia create her YouTube channel in 2011 and has appeared in many of her videos.

Eugenia Cooking with her mother
Eugenia Cooney and her mom, Deb, love baking Cookies. (Source: Instagram)

Deb is a private person, and there is not much information about her online.

She has also helped Eugenia through her struggles with her eating disorder.

However, some fans have accused Deb of enabling her daughter’s eating disorder.

They argue that Deb should do more to encourage Eugenia to seek help for her condition.

In 2019, Eugenia Cooney experienced hospitalization due to her eating disorder.

Eugenia Wishes Mothers day to her mom Deb
Besides every incident, Eugenia Cooney loves her mom usually and shares the screen withally. (Source: Instagram)

She later released a video where she thanked her mother for her support.

“I love my mom so much,” Cooney said in the video. “She’s my best friend and my biggest supporter.”

Currently, her job is to drive Eugenia around and record YouTube videos of her daughter.

It is not sure whether she had a job in the past or not, but she completes simple tasks for Eugenia whenever she slightly struggles.

Deb Cooney Controversy Regarding Her Daughter

Critics have targeted Eugenia Cooney’s mom, Deb, for her role in her daughter’s eating disorder.

Some fans have accused her of enabling Eugenia’s illness.

In 2019, Shane Dawson released a documentary about Eugenia Cooney and interviewed Deb Cooney about her daughter’s eating disorder.

However, Deb, in the documentary, also said that.

I don’t think she has an eating disorder, She’s just very thin.

Eugenia Cooney with her Mom Deb
Reddit users blame her mother, Deb, for Eugenia Cooney health conditions. (Source: Reddit)

Fans responded with backlash to Deb Cooney’s comments in the documentary. Many people accused her of being in denial about her daughter’s illness.

In defense, Eugenia Cooney mom, Deb, has also stated that “I Know Her Bloodwork” in a video.

Fans over Reddit threads have also reached the video regarding Eugenia and her mother’s conversations.

Some people have defended Eugenia Cooney’s mother, Deb.

They argue that she is a good mother who is doing her best to support her daughter.

“Eugenia is a grown woman,” one Twitter user expressed,

She can make her own decisions about her life. Blaming her mother for her eating disorder is not justified.

Eugenia loves makeup and Emo appearance.
Eugenia Cooney loves makeup and her emo appearance. (Source: Instagram)

Another fan wrote, “Eugenia’s mother is a loving and supportive mom. She’s doing the best she can to help her daughter.”

Remember, Eugenia Cooney is an adult, able to make her own choices.

If you’re dealing with an eating disorder, you’re not alone. Reach out for help, as there are resources available.

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